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Boston kidnapper held for psyche evaluation! Victor Pena charged with kidnapping woman outside local bar – Olivia Ambrose was rescued from his apartment three days he’s seen on CCTV leading her through subway station

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Suspect in Jan 19 Boston kidnapping  cried  and mumbled to himself in court on Wednesday, and was ordered held for evaluation
Missing 23-year-old woman was rescued from his apt in Charlestown neighborhood of Boston on Tuesday afternoon
An intoxicated Olivia Ambrose was taken by a man on Saturday night outside a Boston bar
Victor Pena, 38, was identified as the man caught on  surveillance video leading her through subway station
Three days later, she was found alive inside Pena’s apt
Boston police charged Victor Pena with kidnapping Ambrose from Hennessy’s Bar, he could face additional charges based on victim’s police interview
Judge ordered  Pena, who has a history of violence towards women, held for a 20 day psyche evaluation
Victor Pena [right] charged with with kidnapping Olivia Ambrose l[eft] 2Victor Pena has been identified as he same man seen in still photos from a CCTV video, who led an intoxicated Olivia Ambrose through a subway station

Police in Boston have arrested a man in the kidnapping of a 23-year-old woman outside a bar last weekend following her rescue three days later.

Victor Pena as been charged with kidnapping after Olivia Ambrose, who had been missing since Saturday, was found alive in Boston’s Charlestown neighborhood.
Authorities arrested 38-year-old Pena after finding Olivia Ambrose inside his apartment and taking her to safety Tuesday afternoon.

Victor Pena 9Kidnap suspect Victor Pena arrives court for his court arraignment in Boston, MA, on Wednesday

Pena was accused of kidnapping Ambrose from Hennessy’s a downtown Boston bar on Saturday night has a long history of menacing behavior toward women, and at least one ex-girlfriend accused him of sexual assault, according to court documents.
“He has hit me, he has forced me to have sex, and he has insulted me constantly,” wrote one woman in her application for a restraining order in 2004.
“My children are scared of him, especially the younger one and I’m afraid he might hurt me or the children,” he ex stated in her application.
The 38-year-old was arrested by Boston police Tuesday afternoon after a citywide search for Olivia Ambrose of Wenham, who was reported missing Sunday after leaving Hennessy’s bar Saturday night and failing to answer her phone since.

 Police found Ambrose inside Pena’s Walford Way apartment in the Bunker Hill housing development, where court documents state Pena had installed extra locks on the front door.
Boston Police Commissioner William Gross says Pena could face additional charges, based on the victim’s police interview.

Victor pena 8Victor Pena, accused of kidnapping Olivia Ambrose, sobbed and appeared to be talking to himself during a court appearance, Wednesday where he was ordered to undergo a 20-day mental competency evaluation

Police located Ambrose and Pena in the city’s Charlestown neighborhood on Tuesday, after spotted her in the surveillance footage at the subway. When they visited his home, he willingly opened his door and police found Ambrose standing there in good health.

Pena is the same man seen on CCTV video leading an intoxicated Ambrose out a subway station after the suspect and another man approached her outside of the bar on Saturday night.
Pena and the other man were observed asking Ambrose to walk with them in the area of Congress and State Streets near Boston’s City Hall.
One of the men appears to walk ahead while Pena ‘places his arm around Ambrose and directs her toward the State Street MBTA station.’

Twenty minutes later Pena still has his arm wrapped around Ambrose as they exited at the Bunker Hill Community MBTA station, Boston police officials said.
At that time the second man is no longer seen.
Then at 12:13am, Ambrose and Pena are picked up by surveillance video walking toward Bartlett Street in the Charlestown neighborhood of Boston.
Ambrose’s cell phone then pinged in the notorious Bunker Hill Housing Development, a mile away from the Irish pub where Ambrose was last seen on Saturday night.

Pena has a history of run-ins with the law, according to WCVB-TV.
In 2009, a woman filed a complaint with police alleging that Pena was stalking her on the T, which is Boston’s subway and light rail system.
Two other women also complained about Pena’s behavior, WCVB-TV reported, but no charges were ever filed.
Pena has also been found to have violated restraining orders in 2008 and 2014, the television station reported.
Those charges, however, were eventually dismissed.
WPRI reported that he was arrested last summer at Twin River Casino in Lincoln on charges of cheating and obtaining money under false pretenses. That case is still pending.
In 2004, Pena was arrested and charged with assault, but that charge was dropped after he successfully met pre-trial probation requirements.
She has been in custody since Sunday, no bond has been set and no attorney of record is listed for the defendant

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