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Woman, 27, ‘shot dead by her husband, 54, alongside her infant daughter and grandparents in murder-suicide’ left it too late – Ashley Horn was killed four months after she filed for a divorce from Randy Horn, then backed out

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Ashley Horn, 27, had filed for divorce from 54-year-old Randy Horn four months ago but withdrew the application
Randy Horn, on Feb 11 fatally shot Ashley dead alongside their 15-month-old daughter Ranley
He also shot her grandparents at Lynda, 72, and 74-year-old Carlos Delaney
It is believed to have murdered his family before turning the gun on himself 
All five bodies were found at Lynda and Carlos Delaney’s Texas ranch on Monday 
A source close to the couple revealed that although Ashley withdrew the divorce she filed in October, she allegedly was again planning to leave Horn 
Horn had been observed at the local sports bar for a darts tournament, spending 11 hours mostly on his phone, before killing his family and himself
Normally gregarious and a heavy drinker, Horn was unusually ‘withdrawn’ and only very little on three drinks on Sunday
Domestic homicide: Four months before he shot her to death alongside their 15-month-old daughter Ranley [center], Ashley Horn [right] had filed for a divorce from much older husband Randy Horn [left]
The cracks were evident in a May-December Texas marriage months before it erupted in horrific domestic gun violence which ended in a quadruple murder-suicide on Monday.
Four months before she was allegedly shot to death by her husband alongside their baby girl, Ashley Horn had filed for divorce.
Ashley, 27, was one of four people believed to have been killed by Randy Horn, 54, before he turned the gun on himself at her grandparent’s ranch in Blanchard, Texas
The couple’s 15-month-old daughter Ranley, and Ashley’s grandparents Lynda Delaney, 72, and Carlos Delaney, 74, were also killed.
Their bodies were discovered at Delaney’s ranch just before 10.30am on Monday morning. 

Randy Horn had been spotted at the Players Sports bar on Sunday night, where he had been a regular for years said he wasn’t his usual outgoing self on Sunday night and ‘didn’t drink as much as he usually does’.
Horn, who reportedly ran darts tournaments at the local bars, had been at Players for a darts tournament.

He stayed from 1.30pm to around 12.30am the next morning.
Normally a heavy drinker, Horn reportedly only had three drinks over the course of those 11 hours.
‘Normally, he does shots all day, but he did none of that on Sunday,’  a bartender at the bar has revealed choosing rather to spend his time on his phone for almost the entire day.

Horn apparently briefly left the bar for two hours from around 10pm to midnight, joining friends at the nearby Porter Cocktail Lounge.
But he still seemed fine when he returned and ordered one more drink from her bar before leaving for the night. 
Not only was he not drinking as much, as usual, other regulars observed that the normally gregarious Horn,  ‘was withdrawn. More to himself than usual.’ so much that even when he was playing darts, he would take his turn and then sit down and immediately return to his phone instead of talk to his friend.

Randy Horn also killed his young wife’s grandparents Lynda and Carlos Delaney, seen [photo], with their great-granddaughter, Ranley

‘It’s time to pay up for all the bad decisions you made in life,’ he wrote. ‘Never bet your life on someone because you never know.’
When he returned to Players after going to the cocktail lounge, Horn shared a photo of the bar floor covered with splotches of blood.
‘And this is why I can’t be out in the bars at night…blood on the floor!’ he wrote in the caption.
Although had been known to have engaged in fights a ‘handful’ of times over the last three or four years that she has seen Horn become aggressive while drunk.
‘Randy was in an altercation every once in awhile,’ she said. ‘But I never heard of him being abusive to Ashley, he had her on a pedestal – she was so much younger than him.’

The family had moved away from the area in the last few months, staying in hotels after Horn was transferred by his company.
But they had recently bought a new camper and truck so they could start staying somewhere that felt like ‘home’.
Still even after they moved, Horn would often come to the bar without his wife.
He was also there on Friday, just three days before the shooting.
‘I used to see her and him together more,’
‘She played darts too and she would come and play darts with him.’
‘Since they moved away and would come stay with the grandparents on the weekend he would go out more frequently without her,’ a source said.

The sole survivor of Monday’s horrific mass shooting was Ashley’s mother, who woke up around 5.30am and heard ‘popping noises’.
She called her son, who then called police. She was found unharmed in the locked bedroom after officers arrived at the scene.
Randy Horn and Carlos Delaney were found inside the house, Polk County Chief Deputy Byron Lyons said during a press conference on Monday night.
Ashley, Lynda, and Ranley’s bodies were discovered outside of the residence.
Multiple firearms were also found at the scene.

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