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Environmental concerns as Russia’s Siberia region is blanketed by black snow – Contamination allegedly caused coal mines

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‘Is this what snow looks like in hell?’
‘No cleansing systems, all the waste, dust and dirt, coal lay in the area.
‘Our children and us are breathing it. It’s just a nightmare’
– Local media
Surreal visage as Siberian town is blanketed by black snow contaminated by a coal mine
The frightening image of black snow that fell over Siberian region is triggering acute pollution concerns from residents
The environmental pollution has been blamed on coal plants in industrial Kemerovo region
Stark realization of severity of issue as alarming pictures showed snow in towns of Prokopyevsk and Leninsk-Kuznetskycovered in the contaminated snow
State prosecutors in the region are weighing up whether to bring charges against the operators of the mines 
Alarming photographs have emerged in local media showing how naturally pristine white snowscapes in the Siberia, Russian have turned an eerie black.
Pollution from coal plants in industrial Kemerovo region is blamed for a ghostly phenomenon of black snow blighting the cities of Prokopyevsk and Leninsk-Kuznetsky plus the town of Kiselyovsk.
One comment on the morbid scene from a worried local read: ‘Is this what snow looks like in hell?’
A poignant photograph posted on social media shows the words ‘Help Us’ – scrawled in Russian in the grimy snow by a hand equally smeared by the sludge.

But others say there is a perverted ‘beauty’ in spooky gloom.
Kemerovo is famous both as Russia’s leading coal mining region but also as home to Siberia’s best ski slopes, famed for an annual swimwear piste run.
So far the colourful slopes of resort Sheregesh have not been tarnished by the pollution hitting residents elsewhere in the region.
State prosecutors are now examining whether to bring criminal prosecutions for pollution.
Local media in Russia blame local coal processing plants, and highlighted how parked cars were caked with a thick lawyer of black grime.
One – called Prokopyevskaya – has accepted some responsibility.

Boss Anatoly Volkov told Vesti-Kuzbass TV channel that a shield to protect the air from coal power had stopped working.
Deputy governor of Kemerovo region Andrei Panov – in charge of ecology – is to meet local environmentalists to discuss the matter and also blames coal boilers and car exhausts as well as factories.
There has been a strong reaction from locals on social media.
Residents point the finger at other plants too, alleging there is a long-term lack of environmental protection in a region where the lifeblood is coal, reported The Siberian Times.
‘No cleansing systems, all the waste, dust and dirt, coal lay in the area.
‘Our children and us are breathing it. It’s just a nightmare,’ said one.
Another commented: ‘The government bans smoking in public. But let us inhale coal dust all together and let it reside in our lungs.’
Another said: ‘The future of our children is terrifying.’

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