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‘Life so cheap!’ Australian host admits to killing Airbnb tenant over unpaid $149

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Jason Colton pled not guilty to murder in the Victoria state Supreme Court, instead admitted to manslaughter in the 2017 death of 36-year-old Ramis Jonuzi
Colton, 42 also forced Jonuzi to show that he had less than AU$10 in his bank account
Gibson said Colton choked or compressed Jonuzi’s neck to prevent him from breathing
Colton told police he only wanted to subdue Jonuzi so he would pass out
Faces 20 years if jury accepts his manslaughter plea, potential life sentence, if he’s convicted of murder

A man admitted in an Melbourne court on Monday that he choked an Airbnb guest to death over an unpaid 210 Australian dollar ($149) bill.
Jason Colton, 42, pled not guilty to murder in the Victoria state Supreme Court but admitted to manslaughter in 36-year-old Ramis Jonuzi’s death in 2017.
Jonuzi had been subletting a room in a home in Melbourne, Australia from Colton, who was also a tenant.
Jonuzi first rented the room for three nights on Airbnb, but agreed to stay another week for AU$210.

But when the week was up and the rent wasn’t paid, Colton threw Jonuzi against a wall, choked him with his forearm and punched him unconscious, prosecutor Mark Gibson told the jury.
Prosecutors told the jury that Colton knew his actions were likely to kill or seriously injure Jonuzi.

Ramis Jonuzi reportedly was pleading for his life as he was attacked and killed over a  $210 debt

Footage of the crime scene was played to the court, and showed Mr Jonuzi half naked and lying in front of the house with a visibly broken nose and bloodied face.
Colton denies knowing that his actions would be enough to kill or cause serious injury to his victim, saying that he only wanted to knock him unconscious.

Jonzi reportedly, was a mason, who had rented the room in Brighton East because he wanted a cheap and stable place to stay while he dealt with some “personal issues”.
He first rented the room from the three men – Colton, landlord Craig Levy and roommate Ryan Smart – for three nights, but then asked to extend his stay for a week for A$210.
However when check-out day arrived, he had less than A$10 in his account and was therefore unable to pay.

Craig Levy pled guilty to manslaughter

The killing happened at a home owned by  Craig Levy in melbourne, Australia

The Supreme Court of Victoria heard that at 20:00 local time he had packed up his things, tidied his room and was about to leave, when the three men confronted him about the money. the victim: “[He] picked him up and threw him against the wall and started choking him.”
Levy and Smart then held their guest down, while Colton beat him until he lost consciousness. The housemates then allegedly dragged Jonzi out into the garden and continued the attack there.
Colton would face a possible life sentence if a jury convicts him of murder. He would face up to 20 years in prison if the jury accepts the death was manslaughter.

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