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Former Atlanta Falcons football player, Torrey Green, jailed for 26 years after his conviction as a serial rapist while playing college ball at USU

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Ex-Utah State Univ. football player and NFL draft pick sentenced to prison for rape after his conviction for a series of date rapes and assault
Torrey Green was accused by six women of sexually assaulting them while on dates, between 2013-2015
Jurors convicted Green, 25, in January of crimes that included raping five women and battery of a sixth
‘I believe you’: Judge Brian Cannell told victims as he handed Green, the former Atlanta Falcons rookie lineman, a 26-year jail sentence
Utah district judge Cannell said Green never showed remorse for his ‘horrendous’ crimes
A once promising life up in flames: Torrey Green cries while being consoled as a jury finds him guilty of eight charges including five counts of rape and a charge sexual battery in January 2018

A former Atlanta Falcons football player convicted of sexually assaulting six women was sentenced Wednesday to 26 years to life in prison.
During the hearing in which the judge called his actions ‘horrendous’ he also told the accused’s victims ‘I believe you’ as they sat in the courtroom.

Torrey Green, 25, was accused by six women of sexually assaulting them while on dates between 2013-2015, and jurors convicted him in January of crimes that included raping five women and sexual battery of a sixth.
Utah district judge Brian Cannell said during the sentencing in Brigham City, Utah that he was disappointed that Green never showed remorse, The Salt Lake Tribune reported .

‘What you did was horrendous,’ Cannell said. ‘In the eyes of the law, you are a serial rapist. They didn’t want it. They didn’t like it.’
Green, a former Utah State University player, again denied the allegations during the sentencing, echoing the claim he made during the trial that the sexual encounters either were consensual or didn’t happen.

Green cried while saying he wasn’t a ‘monster’ as he was portrayed.
‘I am horrified at the way these women describe my encounters with each of them,’ Green said.
‘I don’t know why these six believe that I am capable of raping them. This was all consensual. And I am so very sorry that they didn’t feel the same.’

One of the women, ‘victim LP’, turned to Green during the hearing and said: ‘I didn’t ruin your career. You did.’
Another recalled Green allegedly asking her would she tell anyone after he raped her, but she was ‘too scared’ and didn’t at the time.

But she said in court: ‘Well guess what, Torrey? I did tell someone. Your actions will now make as much of a difference in your life as they have in mine.’

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