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IHOP staff find naked toddler walking around parking lot in Florida before discovering his parents passed-out on meth with nine-month-old twins in nearby van

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Staff find naked toddler walking around parking lot an IHOP in Florida, before discovering his passed-out parents, and infant siblings in nearby van
Jordyn Freeman, 24, and Randy McMillin, 27, were arrested by Panama City police after Freeman’s naked toddler was found walking naked in a parking lot
IHOP employees arriving to work at 5.30am spotted the child and alerted police
When police arrived they noticed Freeman and McMillin passed out inside a van
In the rear were two nine-month-old babies covered in pillows and blankets
The three children were taken inside the restaurant, fed, then placed in the custody of the Department of Children and Families 
The pair are charged with child neglect, possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia
  IHOP employees in Panama City, Fla., arriving for work at around 5.30am found the frightened toddler walking around alone and wrapped him in an apron, police said. 
    The two nine-month-old children were also found near to Methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia. Police say the soiled children were fed, given clean clothes and placed with the state DCF

‘As IHOP employees were arriving to the restaurant around 5.30am this morning, they noticed a toddler with no clothes on wandering around the parking lot and wrapped the toddler in an apron. 
‘They also noticed a van in the parking lot with two adults passed out inside and were unable to wake the adults up.
‘The adults were identified as Jordyn Freeman, 24, and Randy McMillin, 27, of West Portsmouth, Ohio. 
‘Both were under the influence of drugs and officers could see the drugs inside the van. Officers also found nine-month old twins in the van. One was covered with blankets and pillows.
‘All three children appeared to be in good health but needed clean clothes and diapers. Our officers helped care for the children by changing their clothing while the IHOP employees provided the children with pancakes. 
‘Thank you, IHOP, for being a wonderful community partner.’    



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