Eman Moss shocked the jury testifying Thursday about his wife’s Tiffany cruelty towards their daughter Emani who died at the family’s home in Atlanta, Georgia in 2013
The 35-year-old father describes keeping his 10-year-old daughter’s 32lb body in his study for a week after she died
He then stuffed her into trash can, cracking her bones and setting her on fire, as he testifies against his wife at his child’s starvation murder trial
Tiffany bullied and starved her 10-year-old stepdaughter Emani, so severely she weighed just 32lbs when she died
When Eman came home on October 24, 2013, to Emani lying lifeless in the bathtub but he did not call 911, instead kept her dead body in the computer room of the family’s home 
A week later, he drove the corpse to a rural location and crunched it into a trash can for incineration
When he realized it would not sufficiently cremate her, he brought her charred remains home in the trash can 
He called 911 afterwards and was arrested; now he is serving life behind bars
Tiffany who is acting as her own lawyer at the starvation murder trial and is facing execution if convicted
In August 2015, Eman Moss, 35, pled guilty to his role in Emani’s death – He was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole in exchange, he agreed to testify against his wife
      Eman Moss testifies against his wife on Thursday about how they set their daughter’s emaciated body on fire after she starved her to death, in 2013. He’s already serving a life sentence forhis role in Emani’s death 

On Thursday, Eman Moss, who is serving life without parole in exchange for pleading guilty and avoiding the death penalty for his role in his daughter’s death and trying to cover it up, testified against Tiffany.
He recounted how she called him on October 24, 2013, to inform him that Emani was dead.

When he got home, he felt her cold, limp body. ‘She was dead. She was cold. Her essence wasn’t there. She was gone,’ he told the court, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
Instead of reporting her death, Eman hid his daughter’s body in the family computer room.
For several days, he continued going to work and returning home to spend time with her corpse and ‘grieve’, he said.
When he and his wife decided to dispose of it days later, Emani’s body was too stiff to be folded over because rigor mortis had set in.
He had gone to Home Depot to buy galvanized trash can, trash bags, charcoal and lighter fluid already. His wife wanted them to bury her but he decided setting her on fire would be more effective, he said.
At midnight on November 1, they decided to dispose of her body, they drove to a rural area with her in the back of the truck then stopped and unloaded the equipment.

Alleged killer stepmom Tiffany Moss [photo], is representing herself but has offered no defense other than that she hoped ‘God’ would get her through the trial

They stuffed her into a trash can, breaking her bones to make her body fit,  then threw in charcoal briquettes into the can, sprinkled lighter fluid inside and lit it on fire.
Their two other children, whose ages have not been revealed, were with them.
For five minutes, he and Tiffany watched Emani’s body burn but when he realized she would not be reduced to ash, he decided to put the fire out.
They loaded the trash can, with Emani’s charred remains still inside it, back onto the truck then drove home.
Eman went to work the next day and confided in a friend about he and his wife had done.

When he returned home that night, he told his wife he was calling 911. She reacted by taking their two other children to her mother’s.
Police arrived  to find Emani’s body in the trash can and her father inside on November 2.
In August 2015, Eman Moss, 35, pled guilty to his role in Emani’s death. He was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole and agreed to testify against his wife.

The jury previously heard how Emani’s stepmother starved and bullied her because she was not her biological child

Throughout Thursday’s testimony, Tiffany showed no reaction as her husband described their grotesque deeds.
He said that he tried to help her cover up her child’s death because at the time, she was not allowed to be looking after the 10-year-old.
She had already been caught flogging Emani severely with a belt.
‘I was trying to fix the problem I couldn’t fix. I was trying to fix the problem I couldn’t fix.
‘I can’t explain it,’ he said.
Tiffany has asked no questions throughout the trial.
On Thursday, the public defenders who used to represent her filed a motion with the court asking to be reappointed during the sentencing phase to try to save her life.

They say otherwise she will be sentenced to lethal injection.
Prosecutors have previously told how Tiffany singled out Emani and bullied her while treating her own children well.
She routinely made sure her kids had enough to eat but starved Emani.
Her father initially told police last Saturday that Emani died after swallowing some chemicals. He later changed his story, accusing his wife of poisoning the 10-year-old.
He eventually admitted that he returned home from work to find little Emani lying in the bathtub and unable to move.
‘I’m guilty, I killed my baby,’ he told police at the time.