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Creepy tourist gets one year jail sentence for sexually assaulting woman on UK-bound flight from India

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Convicted sexual predator Hardeep Singh [photo], a tourist from India will spend 12 months in a UK jail for sexual assault on a fellow air traveler
Hardeep Singh, originally from Hoshiarpur, India, targeted a 20-something woman seated next to him and “subjected her to a prolonged sexual assault,” UK police said
He was sentenced to serve 12 months in jail for the alleged assault
The assault occurred on a flight from Mumbai to Manchester, UK – he was arrested upon landing at Manchester Airport on Feb 23
Singh waited until the cabin lights were dimmed, and many of the other passengers were asleep, including the victim, to carry out his assault
He pinned her in her seat and trying to place his hands underneath her clothing, while also trying to kiss her
The assault reportedly, lasted around 15 minutes
Authorities said Singh who’s visiting UK on a six-moth tourist visa, will be deported back to India after serving his sentence

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