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‘I’m a ‘Serial killer’ Virginia carnival worker admits – James Michael Wright, 23, confessed to killing three women in 18-day span

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 Carnival worker in Washington County, Virginia, confessed to being a ‘Serial killer’
James Michael Wright confessed to fatally shooting three women during an 18-day span, two months ago
Wright, 23, killed his victims between Feb. 28 and March 17, 2019 near his home Mendota, Virginia
He told cops he met all three victims through his employment as a subcontractor for James H. Drew Exposition, a Georgia-based amusement company that operates along the East Coast
Wright confessed to killing Joycelyn M. Alsup, 17, of Cobb County, Georgia,  Elizabeth Marie Vanmeter, 22, of Carter County, Tennessee, and Athina Renea Hopson, 25, of Johnson City, Tennessee
The self-confessed serial killer said he shot Hopson on March 17 and was moving her body when it fell out of his truck and rolled down an embankment and into a river
Human remains believed to be Vanmeter and Alsup were recovered during a search of properties surrounding Wright’s residence
Vanmeter and Hopson were reported missing to authorities in March
Joycelyn Alsup was the daughter of one of his co-workers at the carnival
He’s charged with three counts capital murder, three counts using a firearm in committing a murder and three counts concealment of a dead body 
James Michael Wright [photo], is facing three counts of capital murder after admitting that he killed the three young women

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