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Exotic dancer, Mariam Coulibaly, 31, who ‘killed three teen soccer players in DUI crash after finishing her shift at a Miami strip club’ was on a suspended license, with 42 driving offenses in 10 years

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Exotic dancer, 31, with a suspended license who committed 42 driving offenses in 10 years ‘killed three teen soccer players in DUI crash after finishing her shift at a Miami strip club’
Killer driver is exotic dancer, on a suspended license so drunk her blood alcohol was double legal limit, four hours after crash
Mariam Coulibaly, 31, worked as an exotic dancer Friday before she got drunk and drove her car in Miami, Florida 
Gedeon Desir, 13, Lens Desir, 15, and Richecarde Dumay, 17, were killed Saturday
They had been on the sidewalk when they were struck by the SUV at 5.22am  waiting for a bus, en route to a youth soccer tournament
The boys, members of Little Haiti Football Club, all died at the scene of the crash
Coulibaly who was reeking of alcohol survived the crash and was hospitalized with a shattered hip 
She was arrested on DUI manslaughter charges but remains in hospital with security
Her long history of 42 traffic infractions stretch back to 2008, including seven crashes, with two hit-and-runs
Coulibaly filed bankruptcy in April after she racked up massive debts totaling $325,000, much of it related to her previous driving offenses
She has previously been sued for causing a collision in one case, and for leaving keys in a rental car resulting in it being stole in another case

Gedeon Desir [left], Richcarde Dumay, [center], and Lens Desir 2The teen soccer players struck and killed by out of control SUV driver: Gedeon Desir, 13, [left], Richcarde Dumay, 17, [center], and Lens Desir, 15, [right] were tragically killed when they were struck by an SUV while waiting for their bus to a soccer tournament
The trio, together, trekked to their regular pickup spot near the corner of Northeast 13th Avenue and 125th Street. The drunken female driver ended the youths’ lives shortly after.
Coulibaly, 31, survived the collision with a shattered hip and other injuries after she already racked up 42 infractions, including seven crash incidents, since 2008.
‘I’m very much depressed about everything going on,’ Coulibaly told the Miami Herald on Tuesday morning from her intensive care bed. ‘I came from a blackout. When I woke up I didn’t even know that I hurt people.’ 

Antonio Dumay waits for answers regarding the death of his son Richecarde Dumay, and two soccer teammates, the Desir brothers by a driver in the horrific crash that claimed three young lives
Police said she reeked of alcohol and admitted to Aventura Hospital staff she had been out drinking. Four hours after the collision her blood alcohol was double the legal limit.
The Herald reports Coulibaly racked up massive debts totaling $325,000, much of it stemming from her previous driving offenses.Mariam Coulibaly 2
Coulibaly filed for federal bankruptcy in April, stating she owed $218,404 in medical bills to Jackson Health Systems after a 2017 car accident.
Coulibaly was cited for speeding in 2013 when her Infiniti M35 crashed into a Jeep Cherokee from behind, running it off the road and into a concrete barrier on State Road 9 in Dania Beach.
The Cherokee hit a third car and the driver of the vehicle, Catherine Jean, won over $11,000.
In 2014, Avis sued Coulibaly for nearly $10,000 after someone stole a car she rented from the company when she allegedly left the keys in the vehicle.
Coulibaly didn’t respond to both lawsuits.
Seven of the infractions are from Broward County where in 2015 she was caught twice driving with a suspended license, expired tag and speeding.
A total of 35 infractions are connected to Miami-Dade County.
In January 2015, Coulibaly was cited for careless driving after she rear-ended a family’s SUV but the ticket was later dismissed.
That February she was involved in two hit-and-runs. On Valentine’s Day she veered into another lane ‘for no apparent reason’ on the Florida Turnpike, fled the scene in a panic only to be captured 11 days later.
She was also cited for an incident on February 18 where she blew through a red light and T-boned a vehicle but witnesses got her licence plate details. Coulibaly was ordered to traffic school.
Her second Florida Turnpike incident came that December when she hit a sign on the side of the road and a guardrail but the case was dismissed due to no witnesses appearing in court.
In 2016 Coulibaly was cited for blowing five red lights but four tickets got dismissed and the one she pleaded no contest to was never paid. Coulibaly’s licence was suspended again.
Any additional funds from the GoFundMe campaign for the teens' funeral expenses will go to the organization

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