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Thirteen people dead, including gunman, six injured, as police identify gunman in shooting at Virginia Beach municipal center – Shooter DeWayne Craddock was a 15-year city employee

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Gunman kills twelve people Friday, at Virginia Beach municipal center, all but one of the victims, city employees
Six people injured and hospitalized, four listed as critical
Police say the shooter, a ‘long-time, current’ city of Virginia Beach public utilities employee, gunned down twelve employees of the city in cold blood before police killed him following a ‘long gun battle
The lone gunman, identified as DeWayne Craddock, a 15-year project manager with the City’s Public Utility Dept for the city  simply entered the building and began shooting indiscriminately
 Craddock, 40, who reportedly bought multiple firearms in recent weeks opened fire shortly after 4pm with a 45 caliber handgun with a suppressor and multiple extended magazines 
He attacked  Building 2 of the municipal center, close to City Hall where members of the public paid utility bills
Gunman went from floor to floor, firing at the victims believed to be employees at the local govt facility
Virginia Beach police confirmed the shooting suspect died when officers returned fire
Images show a heavy police presence as the courthouse remains on lockdown
The shooter opened fire in Building 2 of the municipal center, close to City Hall

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