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‘Why I killed my son!’ Chilling confession video reveals Anna Mae Blessing, 92, admitting she shot her 72-year-old son because he was going to put her in a nursing home, breaking a promise

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I felt ‘nothing’ when she shot [my son] dead, ‘I didn’t want to go to a nursing home’
Chilling confession video shows 92-year-old Anna Mae Blessing, telling cops how she shot and killed her 72-year-old son because he was going to put her in a nursing home
Anna Mae Blessing shot her son Thomas, 72, at their home in Arizona in July, 2018
He was threatening to put her in a nursing home and she did not want to go 
She then threatened to shoot the victim’s girlfriend Julie, but she called 911
Anna Mae then went to her bedroom, sat in her chair and waited for the cops
She made a chilling confession afterwards, saying she felt nothing when she killed him in cold blood
‘What can I offer society? I killed my son’ – Anna Mae who died just four months later told officers she deserved prison time
The 92-year-old died in hospice care in November awaiting her trial
In a newly-released confession video, she is seen napping on the table and telling cops how tired she is while describing the murder.
‘He was coming at me so I fired the gun,’ she said calmly, explaining that she then bent over and checked his pulse.
‘I took his pulse and there was no pulse so I knew I’d killed him,’ she said.
Asked what she felt when she realized he was dead, she said: ‘I didn’t have much of a feeling.’
Julie, Thomas’ girlfriend, then wrestled the weapon out of her hands but Anna Mae had another one stashed in the pocket of her robe.

She did not shoot her but waited while she called 911 for the cops to come.
‘I was going to shoot her,’ she said in her confession video. It is not clear what changed her mind but, Blessing said,  she ‘went to the bedroom, sat in the chair and waited for the police to come.’
Anna Mae Blessing 3Anna Mae is shown in two mugshots taken not long after the interview. The image on the right was on the day of the shooting. The image on the left was once she had spent time in jail

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