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Bodies of missing Oregon mom, Karissa Fretwell, 25, and her three-year-old son William found in woods – Weeks after Michael Wolfe, the boy’s 52-year-old father, was charged with their kidnapping and murder

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Bodies of missing mom, and her three-year-old son are found in Oregon woods – weeks after the boy’s father, 52, was charged with their kidnapping and murder

Bodies found in rural Oregon Saturday identified as Karissa Fretwell, 25, and her son, William

The 25-year-old mother died of a gunshot wound to the head, but cause of death for her toddler son is yet to be revealed

Mother and son went missing from Salem, Oregon, on May 13 

Fretwell’s much older ex-lover, Michael Wolfe, 52, was arrested last month on two counts each of aggravated murder and kidnapping in Fretwells’ disappearance

Fretwell’s friend said Wolfe and Fretwell had an affair when they were both working at a steel mill years ago 

She found out he was married after she got pregnant and he allegedly offered to pay for abortion

Harper said that Wolfe recently wanted to fight Fretwell for custody of William

After the Fretwells disappeared on May 13, Wolfe was later arrested and charged with kidnapping and aggravated murder

Authorities say the bodies were found on Saturday in a heavily wooded and very remote area in Yamhill County.
The bodies were identified on Sunday as Karissa and Billy Fretwell. An autopsy found the mother’s cause of death was a single gunshot to the head, while additional testing will determine how her son died.
The Fretwells disappeared on May 13. The boy’s biological father was later arrested and charged with kidnapping and aggravated murder.

Court documents show Fretwell went to court last year to establish that her former lover, 52-year-old Michael Wolfe, is Billy’s birth father.
A DNA test verified her claim, and Fretwell then filed a petition seeking $900 a month in child support.
Wolfe, who is married to another woman, was arrested on May 25 at Portland doughnut shop and charged with two counts each of murder and kidnapping based on evidence involving cellphone data and surveillance video.
A paternity test recently revealed that Wolfe was William’s biological father and he was ordered to pay $900 a month in child support.

The Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office said the bodies of the mother and son were discovered by searches in a wooded area about 10 miles west of the City of Yamhill.
Wolfe owns property about 9 miles away from the location of the bodies.
According to a probable cause affidavit, on the night of May 13, surveillance video showed Wolfe leaving his place of work, Cascade Steel, in a golf cart during a night shift and then walking toward a treeline.

Kassie Fretwell [left] and Michael Wolfe [right] 3A paternity test recently revealed that Michael Wolfe [right], was William’s biological father and he was ordered to pay $900 a month in child support. But he has been demanding full custody


Six hour later, at 2.30am the next morning, he was seen on video driving the golf cart back to the mill while carrying a white trash bag, reported The Oregonian.
The following day, Fretwell’s phone sent a text message near Wolfe’s home in Gaston.
Evidence from a cell phone tower suggests that Wolfe and Fretwell’s phones were in the same area at that time.
Fretwell and her son were reported missing on May 17. When police spoke to Wolfe on May 18, the affidavit says told them he didn’t have any recent contact with them and didn’t know where they were.
Karissa Fretwell’s friend Bethany Brown was distraught at the thought of the young mother and her toddler son being left to rot in the heat, but took solace in the knowledge that ‘at least they were together,’ reported KOIN6.
She added: ‘Billy didn’t get to live life, didn’t get to do anything.’

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