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Teen boy and two friends charged with strangling and stabbing his 47-year-old mother to death chanted ‘murder gang’ while being detained – Prosecutors want to charge Lukas Mironovas and William Smith, both 16, as adults for the murder of Mironovas’ mom

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Lukas Mironovas, and William Smith, both 16, along with Thomas ‘TJ’ Severance, 14, were charged in the murder of Lukas’s mother, Kimberly Mironovas
Kimberly Mironovas, 47, was found strangled and stabbed to death at her home in Litchfield, Maine, on April 22, 2018
The youngest of the suspects, TJ Severance, was charged with conspiracy to commit murder and, in exchange for a plea, is not being charged as an adult
State prosecutors have filed motions to try the mastermind Lukas, and his accomplice Smith as adults on charges of murder and conspiracy to commit murder

The trio – Lukas Mironovas, 16; William Smith, 16; and Thomas ‘TJ’ Severance, 14 – are being held for their alleged role in the killing of 47-year-old Kimberly Mironovas in her home in Litchfield in April 2018.
Workers at the Long Creek Youth Development Center testified about the chant during a hearing to determine if one of the teens, Smith, should be tried as an adult, reported the Kennebec Journal.
A psychologist testifying for the defense said she had heard about the incident, but suggested the boys could have been joking.

William Smith 1Sheriff’s deputy escorts William Smith out of the courtroom during a break in a hearing, June 19. Prosecutors want him tried as an adult while his defense argue he should be tried in juvenule court
Thomas Severance 1Thomas Severance, [left], one of the three teenagers charged in the murder of Kimberly Mironovas, in April 2018, stands in court in early June with his attorney. He pled guilty, admitting to his participattion in the macerbre plot in exchange for being tried as a juvenile
During a hearing on Thursday, state prosecutors said that the boys chanted ‘murder gang’ or ‘MG’ three times.

They allegedly made stabbing motions during one of the chants, reported the Journal.
Matt Findlay, a worker in the unit in the center where the boys are being held, testified: ‘Every time they’d do it, I’d tell them to stop.’
According to several local media reports, the plot to kill Kimberly was initiated by her son, Lukas, who was resentful about their move to Maine from Ashland, Massachusetts.
Lukas, then 15, conspired with Smith, then 15, and Severance, then 13, to murder his mother while his friends were visiting during spring break, it is claimed.
The plan had been to crush prescription pills and mix them with her wine, according to a juvenile petition.
When the crushed medication failed to mix thoroughly with the drink, the petition states that the teens allegedly decided to strangle and stab Kimberly.
Around 1am on April 22, 2018, Lukas and Smith entered Kimberly’s bedroom, where she was sleeping, reported the Journal.
That’s when both teens, who were wearing gloves, allegedly strangled the 47-year-old and Lukas stabbed her in the neck.
According to Dr Kristen Sweeney, from Maine’s Medical Examiner’s Office, the cause of death was either strangulation or stabbing – or both.

Dr. Carlann Welch, a Portland psychologist testifying as a witness for the defense of Smith, said earlier in the hearing that Smith told her he had stepped in to help strangle Kimberly Mironovas after her son called to him for help, but stopped after a few or several seconds because he couldn’t go through with it.
Significant to the proceedings because among the factors to be considered by the court in determining whether a juvenile should be tried as an adult include the seriousness of the crime; the characteristics of the juvenile, including his or her record, age and attitude and pattern of living, whether the protection of the public’s safety requires the juvenile to be held for a longer period of time than he would be as a juvenile, and whether future criminal conduct by the juvenile would be deterred by the juvenile justice system.
During a court appearance in April, Severance, now 14, pled no contest to the charge of conspiracy to commit murder.
In exchange, the prosecution agreed to not try Severance as an adult.
Under Justice Valerie Stanfill’s orders, Severance will be held at the Long Creek Youth Development Center until he turns 21, reportedly the longest sentence that can be imposed on a juvenile.
If the teen had been charged as an adult, he could have been sentenced to 25 years to life in prison, if found guilty.
In the meantime, state prosecutors have filed motions try Smith and Lukas as adults on charges of murder and conspiracy to commit murder.
Anthony Coco, president of Aveda Institute Maine, where Kimberly was halfway through a cosmetology program, said he had heard Kimberly was having issues with her son.
‘I originally met with her in the summer. She was looking to make a career change,’ he said. ‘We don’t know too much personally about the students.’

Home where Kimberly Mironovas was killed 147-year-old Kimberly Mironovas was killed in her home [photo], in Litchfield, Maine in April 2018, allegedly by her teen son and two friends he’d recruited as accomplices

Despite Kimberly’s alleged troubles with her son, Coco said she was ‘really happy’ and had modeled in one of the school’s fashion shows two weeks prior to her murder.
The three teens were arrested by Maine State Police later that morning on April 22, 2018, with Smith driving in Mironovas’ car, and taken to the Gardiner Police Department, where state police detectives interviewed them.
Smith and Severance, who had gone to school with Lukas Mironovas in Massachusetts before he moved to Litchfield with his mother, were visiting the Mironovases’ 1482 Hallowell Road home when the incident occurred.

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