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New Jersey woman charged with manslaughter after fatally stabbing her identical twin sister, claims she acted in self defense when her sister came at her with a knife; Suspect, Amanda Ramirez, has changed her story three times – police

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New Jersey woman charged with stabbing and killing her identical twin sister, initially denied involvement despite blood evidence
‘Devoted’ mother-of-three, Anna Ramirez, was murdered by her twin sister Amanda of Camden, NJ, on Saturday – 27-year-old Amanda Ramirez  was arrested for stabbing her identical twin, Anna, to death early Saturday
Amanda changed her story three times before claiming she acted in self defense after her sister came at her with a knife, police said
Anna who was taken to a local hospital and declared dead at around 6:20 a.m. was found Anna unconscious. with stab wounds early Saturday 
Amanda is held in Camden County jail pending a pretrial detention hearing 
Amanda Ramirez and Anna ramirez 8Amanda Ramirez, 27 [left], has been charged with aggravated manslaughter after allegedly stabbing to death her identical twin sister, Anna Ramirez [right]

She was taken to Cooper University Hospital and was pronounced dead less than an hour later.
Officials have yet to release details about the motive in the killing.
A screenshot from a shot video shared on Facebook by the sisters’ cousin shows Anna and Amanda spending time together less than two hours before the murder.
The Camden County Prosecutor’s Office on Tuesday afternoon in a statement, describes bloody footprints leading to Amanda Ramirez’s apartment, where police found the accused standing outside her door with blood on her clothes.  According to the statement
Amanda offered police three different stories when she was interviewed at the station; first claiming she found her sister injured but had no idea when, where or why was stabbed and by whom.

But eventually, Amanda gave a statement saying that the pair had had an argument that turned violent, with the twins struggling over the knife that ended up in Anna’s chest.
She claims that she, Anna and a friend left a relative’s home in the early hours of Saturday morning and went back to Amanda’s Centennial Village apartment, where Anna started a fight by hitting her in the face.
‘Amanda Ramirez stated she and her sister exchanged multiple blows and she [Amanda Ramirez] ultimately ended up on her knees,’ the statement reads.
‘She claimed her sister then went into the residence, retrieved a knife, and approached her brandishing the knife. ‘They struggled for control of the knife and she ultimately stabbed her sister in the chest.’

Anna Ramirez and Amanda Ramirez 2
This screenshot from a shot video shared on Facebook by the sisters’ cousin just before 4am on Saturday, showing her sitting on what looks like a stoop with the twins and a young man in glasses who has his arm around Anna

The statement also says that Amanda had multiple injuries including scratches on her face and head, cuts on her left index finger and dried blood in her ear.

Amanda said she didn’t remember where the weapon was, but police later found a kitchen knife inside her apartment that preliminary tested positive for blood.
Less than two hours before Anna was found stabbed to death, she shared a photo on social media showing her spending time with her twin sister.

At 3.43 am on Saturday, Anna shared on her Facebook page a still photograph showing her huddling with Amanda, their female cousin and a young man in glasses.
In the image, Amanda and Anna are smiling and appear to be in high spirits.  
‘You know the vibe,’ Anna wrote in the caption of what was to become her very last post.
Amanda, was later arrested and taken to the Camden County Correctional Facility.

Twins Anna Ramirez and Amanda Ramirez, with their cousin 1Identical twins Anna and Amanda Ramirez [left and center], as young girls posing with their cousin
Twins Anna Ramirez and Amanda Ramirez, [right] 2Alleged killer Amanda is seen holding a toddler in her arms. Her twin Anna sister who she reportedly killed Saturday, is second from the right during a family event, a week earlier

The prosecutor’s office did not announce Amanda was being charged until Monday.

She is awaiting a pretrial hearing to determine whether she will be allowed to post bond.
According to Anna’s online obituary, she was a ‘devoted mother’ of three daughters.
GoFundMe page set up to help with funeral expenses described her death as an ‘extremely painful and unexpected tragedy’, and says Anna ‘was known and loved by her peers’ and that she had a ‘humble demeanor, kindness and willingness to give with a pure heart’.

Anna Ramirez [left] and Amanda Ramirez [right] with female cousin [center] 4Close siblings: The victim Anna [left] is seen with her alleged killer, twin sister  Amanda [right] and their cousin [center]

A gofundme page was created on Tuesday seeking help for funeral costs for Anna Ramirez has raised $2,100 of the $10,000 target. The page was created by Betzaida Nieves along with her cousin ‘Evy,’ who she says is the mother of the victim.

The page reads: ‘… on June 22, 2019 our family suffered a great loss. Anna leaves behind 3 beautiful daughters a broken hearted mother and a family that adored her. She was known and loved by her peers, Her humble demeanor, kindness and willingness to give with a pure heart allowed her true beauty to shine through..’

Police respond after Amanda Ramirez killed her twin sister Anna 1Camden County Police responded to reports of an unconscious female on the 1200 block of East State Street at the Centennial Village Apts [photo], at around 5:40 a.m. on Saturday
There are three other sisters in her family apart from the twins.
The website says Anna ‘worked for many years in the medical field as a certified nursing assistant’.
She ‘enjoyed family dinners and weekly time hanging out with her sisters’.
‘Humbly we are reaching out, asking for help to lay our beloved family member to rest,’ the page continued.
‘We ask that if you can not donate, please share with someone that can. God bless you all and on behalf of her family we send our gratitude.’
Her funeral is set to take place on Thursday in Pennsauken.

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