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‘It is a truly unique case’: Judge. No jail time for Ohio teacher, 27, who had sex with a female student –  Jennifer Walsh will serve probation after court hears how student lover is still in love with her and their relationship will ‘probably continue’

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Former Ohio teacher Jennifer Walsh,  pled guilty last month to gross sexual imposition and faced up to 18 months behind bars – She had a sexual relationship with a student at her school from May to August 2018  
She was granted a reprieve, avoided jail and will serve probation after court hears how the youngster is still in love with her and their relationship with ‘probably continue’
On Friday, prosecutors allowed her to plead to the lesser charge of interference with custody 
It carries a probation sentence of one year which the judge imposed
 Judge Jody Marie Luebbers called it a ‘truly unique’ case which involves the likelihood that Walsh and the girl will continue dating  
On Wednesday the 17-year-old female student Walsh had a relationship with spoke, declaring she’s ‘completely in love’ and the relationship was consensual, a sentiment echoed by her mother as well as the police investigator, all of whom pled on behalf of the defendant
Walsh who was forced to resign her post at Sycamore High School in Cincinnati in October 2018 cried as the teen professed her love in the courtroom

‘The detective said you’re not a sexual predator and I don’t think you are, either,’ Judge Jody Marie Luebbers said.
She said the case was ‘truly unique’.
‘I know in my heart that I am completely in love with this woman, without a doubt,’ the student said on Wednesday.
It is unclear what the student’s parents make of their relationship or of the fact that Walsh walked free from court.
The lead investigator asked for leniency in the case because the student never ‘felt forced or coerced.’
They said the romance was ‘real’ and would likely carry on.  

Luebbers heard from Hoy, the student and Walsh’s mother on Wednesday.
After meeting with the prosecutor and Walsh’s attorney in her chambers for 15 minutes, she delayed the sentencing saying ‘I just need…more time.’
Walsh originally faced two counts of sexual battery but the charges were reduced in a plea deal.
In the investigation police seized Walsh’s computer, cell phone and personal documents in their search.


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