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‘Quadruple murder’ suspect Gurpreet Singh, FAINTS in Ohio courtroom as he appears in court and pleads not guilty to shooting dead his wife, her parents and her aunt in April, and fleeing the law

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Handcuffed Ohio ‘quadruple murder’ suspect fainted in court Monday as he appeared in court and pled not guilty to shooting dead his wife, and his in-laws
Gurpreet Singh, 37, is accused of shooting dead three members of his wife’s family after he allegedly shot dead his wife Shalinder Kaur, 39 on April 28
He went on to shot and killed her parents Hakikat Singh Panag, 59, and Paramjit Kaur, 62
All victims, but one, was shot in the head, with a total of 18 bullets in Westchester, Ohio 
The suspect called a dispatcher at around 10pm on April 28 to report that he came home to find four relatives on the ground bleeding from the head
He then fled the state, ut he was caught in Connecticut
He’s pled not guilty to four counts of aggravated murder
If convicted, he could face the death penalty 
Gurpreet Singh 1.JPGMurder suspect Gurpreet Singh [photo], fainted after hearing the charges he was facing in court on Monday morning

A man accused of gunning down his wife and three of her family members before fleeing the state faints during a court appearance.
37-year-old Gurpreet Singh, of West Chester pled not guilty to the four counts of aggravated murder at court in Butler County, Ohio,. just hours after he was extradited from Connecticut, where he was arrested July 2, and booked into the Butler County Jail.
In court Monday, a judge denied bond for Singh. He entered a plea of not guilty.
Singh fainted during a sidebar but appeared to be okay afterward.
In shocking footage video, the defendant  can be seen standing handcuffed and looking ahead with wide eyes before staggering backwards.
Singh then fell to the ground and needed the assistance of two officers to help him back onto his feet, who then put him into a chair.
He passed-out shortly after hearing the charges read to him by a judge who denied him bond, according to Fox19.
Singh is accused of shooting his wife Shalinder Kaur, 39, her aunt Amarjit Kaur, 58, and her parents Hakikat Singh Panag, 59 and Paramjit Kaur, 62.

Gurpreet Singh 3.JPGAn apparently dazed Singh had to be helped up by two officers who then placed Singh [photo], on a chair shortly after the charges against him were read

The victims were collectively shot a total of 18 times at their Lakefront home in Westchester, according to Fox, all but one was shot in the head.
Singh is claimed to have called a dispatcher at around 10pm on April 28 to report that he came home to find four relatives on the ground bleeding from the head.
‘They’re all down…. No one’s talking. No one’s talking,’ he said, according to Fox. ‘They’re bleeding.’
He then allegedly went on the run and was later apprehended the following day in the parking lot of a Walmart by Branford Police in Connecticut.
If found guilty, Singh could face the death penalty due to the specifications of the crime – using a firearm and killing two or more people.
‘The indictment speaks for itself… I don’t comment on pending cases,’ Butler County Prosecutor Mike Gmoser told Fox on Friday.
Singh’s attorney, Charles S. Rittgers, protested that his client is ‘absolutely not guilty.’


Amarjit Kaur [left], Hakikat Singh Panag [center], and Paramjit Kaur [right] 1Singh is accused of also killing his wife’s aunt Amarjit Kaur [left] and her parents Hakikat Singh Panag [center], 59 and Paramjit Kaur [right], 62, with a total of 18 bullet on April 28
Gurpreet Singh 7Fugitive Gurpreet Singh [left], was arrested by cops at a Walmart in Connecticut ([right], shortly after he allegedly went on the run



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