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Remains of missing woman found in a Houston manhole after killer told police where he’d dumped her body after ‘drugging, suffocating, shooting and stabbing’ her to death – Brittany Burfield vanished in June 2018

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Remains found in manhole identified as those of missing Houston woman who has been missing since last year
Brittany Burfield, 37, was reported missing in June 2018
Alex Haggerty, 37, the man who is charged with murder in connection with Burfield’s disappearance, led authorities to the missing woman’s remains on Friday
Authorities said Haggerty told multiple family members and friends that he drugged, stabbed and shot Burfield 
Haggerty was charged with murder before Burfield’s remains were found

Alex Haggerty, [left], and Brittany Burfield [right] 1Alex Haggerty, [left], was is charged with murder in connection with the disappearance of Brittany Burfield [left]. He led authorities to the spot where he stashed her remains

Human remains that were found down a Houston manhole cover have been officially identified as those of a woman who vanished a year ago. Brittany Burfield, 37, was reported missing in June 2018.
Alex Haggerty has been charged with her death and allegedly told a local activist where her body was hidden.
‘His main concern with me was he wanted to get this off his chest,’ Quanell X said on Friday to KHOU.
‘They removed a manhole cover and they dropped her body down a manhole and put the steel iron cover back over it.’
Haggerty, 37, was charged with Burfield’s murder despite her body never having been found, until now.
Officials say Haggerty admitted to killing Burfield to his family and friends.
He told how he drugged, suffocated, shot and possibly even stabbed her, although he later denied the graphic details when questioned by the authorities.
At the time of her disappearance, Texas EquuSearch volunteers spent several days searching for her body.
Investigators say that possible evidence connected to the disappearance of Burfield was discovered at a home in southeast Houston. Police say that they searched Haggerty’s home on the corner of Nettleton and Drew last week.
Detectives say that some of Brittany’s belongings were discovered inside the home.
Police received a tip that Burfield may have been spotted in the area, so police launched the search. An acquaintance is said to live at the home. Burfield was last seen at her mother’s home in Sugar Land on June 25, 2018

‘I’m positive when we were searching out here we walked over that manhole probably several times,’ EquuSearch’s Tim Miller said.
‘Of all the places, right in the middle of the street in a residential area is the last place anyone would have thought.’

Police search the home where some of Brittany Burfield's items were found in Houston 1EquuSearch investigate the home in south east Houston where some of Burfield’s items were recovered
Alex Haggerty 2Alex Haggerty, led authorities to the missing woman’s remains. He had been charged with murder in connection with Burfield’s disappearance, even before the body was recovered
 ‘I love Brittany. And I would have loved her no matter if we found her or didn’t find her,’Trisha Valentine, Burfield’s mother said to KHOU. ‘But I am so excited to have her back. I’m telling you, the emotions inside of me right now can’t be contained.’

Valentine had asked for help in finding her daughter’s body since she vanished a year ago.
‘I needed her body for Haggerty’s trial,’ Valentine said. ‘I have known where she’s at, she’s been in heaven with the Lord.’
‘I actually walked up to Haggerty and I told him through it all, ‘I want to tell you thank you,” Miller said. ‘I said, “This family did need the closure and thank you for at least doing that.”‘
‘Their lives never ever will be the same but at least they’ll have a little spot now with a headstone where they can take flowers and visit and can try to put their lives back together.’
Investigators say Burfield was trying to help Haggerty get his life back on track. She gave him and his girlfriend a place to stay for a little while.
Haggerty used Burfield’s phone to call his parole officer after she was reported missing, investigators said. Haggerty denied the claims.

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