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Triple murder-suicide in Atlanta; Gunman kills two women and a man in the driveway of an Atlanta house during an argument before driving home and killing himself

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Four people dead in triple murder-suicide after gunman, shot two women and a man in the driveway of an Atlanta house during an argument
Police in Dekalb County Georgia say Howard Jackson opened fire at a home in Stone Mountain Tuesday, killing two women and a man
Victims were identified at Daniel Price, 40, Lynisha Mitchell, 28, and Whitney Nolbert, 33. All three knew one another and the gunman
After carrying out the killings, police say Jackson drove to his home two miles away and turned the gun on himself 
Investigators described the triple murder-suicide as a domestic situation  
Whitney Nolbert (left), Lynisha Mitchell, (center), and Daniel Price, 40 (right) 1Whitney Nolbert, [left], Lynisha Mitchell, [center], and Daniel Price, [right] were killed in a triple murder-suicide in suburban Atlanta on Tuesday

A gunman shot dead two women and a man at a home in Stone Mountain, Georgia, during what police described as a domestic dispute late on Tuesday, before driving home and taking his own life.
The multiple killings took place in the unincorporated community in DeKalb County, about 20 miles northeast of Atlanta, at around 9.15pm.
The victims were identified on Wednesday as Daniel Price, 40, Lynisha Mitchell, 28, and Whitney Nolbert, 33. 

All three were found dead from gunshot wounds in the driveway and in the carport of a home on Isle Royal Court.
A witness saw the suspected shooter, identified as 62-year-old Howard Jackson, drive away from the home.
The witness knew Jackson and police went to the man’s home about two miles away and found him dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot, Police Maj. Jerry Lewis said.
‘This is not a random incident, there is no threat to the community,’ Lewis said.

All the people knew each other. Investigators say Jackson was in some kind of relationship with one of the women he killed.

Daniel Home 1.jpegVictim: A GoFundme message from Daniel Price’s family said they were in Georgia visiting his sister and he went next door to talk to the young lady next door to his sister house, when a  friend to one of the ladies in that home appeared, then shot and killed Price as well as the home owner and her sister. 

Police say the shooter drove away and later killed himself at his own home, a mile away.
33-year-old Whitney Nolbert worked at the Home Depot and had three sons, one of whom is said to be autistic and non-verbal. Records indicate she lived at the home in the 4900 block of Isle Royal Court where the murders took place.
Mitchell was a stay-at-home mother of a young boy and lived in nearby Conyers.

Price’s mother, Anita, told WSB-TV that she and her son, who is from Michigan, were visiting his sister who lives next door to Nolbert.
According to Anita Price, Daniel had walked next door to talk to one of the women outside. He had some words with Jackson who opened fire, killing the man and the two women.
‘My baby got caught in the crossfire of whatever was going on,’ Anita said.
The grieving mother has launched a GoFundMe campaign to help send her son’s body back to Michigan for burial.
Online records indicate that Jackson was arrested in 2005 on charges of terroristic threats and battery.

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