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Fake doctor accused of deadly butt implants, extradited from UK to New York City after years-long battle, faces charges – British hairdresser, Donna Francis is charged with killing Kelly Hawley, when she injected her with liquid silicone in botched buttock enlargement procedure, then fleeing

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British hairdresser is charged in Newin botched buttock enlargement procedure
Donna Francis was charged on Friday with killing a woman in Queens, New York
Francis, 38, of Loughton, Essex, injected Kelly Mayhew with liquid silicon in 2015
The buttock enlargement procedure fatally blocked blood flow to vital organs, prosecutors say
Francis, who denies the charges, was remanded in custody in New York

A British woman accused of performing fatal butt enhancement procedure on a Maryland woman in 2015, who was extradited to New York from London to face homicide charges, DA said, made her court appearance on Friday.
Donna Francis is charged with criminally negligent homicide and unauthorized practice of a professional in death of Maryland woman, District Attorney’s office said.
Francis allegedly posed as medical doctor and injected 34-year-old Kelly Mayhew with silicone in basement of a home in Far Rockaway, New York in May 2015.
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British hairdresser Donna Francis was charged with killing a woman in New York when she injected her with liquid silicone in a botched buttock enlargement procedure.
Francis, of Loughton, Essex in the UK, is accused of carrying out the injections on 34-year-old Kelly Mayhew in a Queens basement in May 2015.
Mayhew had attended the appointment with her mother after travelling to New York from their home in Maryland.
The substance, which stays in the body permanently, caused systemic emboli, fatally restricting Ms Mayhew’s blood flow to her vital organs.
Mother-of-one Francis is said to have been present as medical staff battled to save Ms Mayhew’s life, but fled to the UK the following day.
Queens Acting District Attorney John Ryan announced on Friday that Francis had been remanded in custody on charges including criminally negligent homicide.
Her lawyers had argued separating Francis from her child could prove devastating.
However, US authorities provided assurances to a British judge last year that Francis would be jailed for no more than a year if convicted.

After a protracted legal battle, in October 2018, Judge Robin McPhee sitting at the Westminster magistrates court recommended Francis should be extradited to the States.

In his judgment Judge Robbin McPhee said: ‘Donna Francis then injected six syringes of silicone into an area on the right-hand side of Kelly Mayhew’s buttocks.
‘Donna Francis then repeated the same process into the left-hand side of Kelly Mayhew’s buttocks.
‘At this stage, Kelly Mayhew’s mother, who had up until then whilst the procedure was ongoing held the hand of her daughter, noticed that Kelly Mayhew was no longer gripping her hand and was gurgling.
‘As Kelly Mayhew was turned, her mother saw that her eyes were bloodshot and bulging.
‘Paramedics attended and notwithstanding their efforts to save the life of Kelly Mayhew, she was pronounced dead at 7.42pm.’

The defendant was arrested in 2017 after a warrant was issued for her in the US.
Illicit silicone injections have caused multiple deaths in the United States.
Authorities say that Francis is not a licensed nurse or physician, and that Mayhew died because the procedure wasn’t done properly.
Francis denies the charges.

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