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Death sentence for cop killer John Felix who gunned down Palm Springs police officers Jose Vega and new mom, Lesley Zerebny, with an AR-15 in 2016

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Families of two murdered cops tell their killer to ‘rot in hell’ as he is sentenced to death for gunning them down with an AR-15
Jose Vega, 63, was shot and killed by John Hernandez Felixon a disturbance call in October 2016 
Vega a married father-of-eight was a 35-year veteran ready to retire in a few months 
Officer Lesley Zerebny, 27, was also killed
Zerebny had just returned to patrol duty from maternity leave after giving birth and left behind a then-four-month-old daughter
In 2018, Felix was found guilty of two counts of murder and six counts of attempted murder of the other officers who also attended the disturbance call
They death penalty was recommended and he was sentenced to 368 years to life for the murders
‘[Felix], is a dog, so put him down like one,’ said a family member who asked the judge to send the defendant to the chair

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