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Masked burglary suspect Javier Medina-Tamayo, 20, charged on hospital bed with first-degree murder after he ‘killed homeowner in front of his fiancee’ before neighbor who heard gunshots shot the intruder in the leg as he tried to flee

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Javier Medina-Tamayo, 20, charged with first-degree murder, occupied burglary with a firearm, home invasion robbery while recuperating on a hospital bed
He is accused of breaking into Enrique Munoz Blanco’s home in Royal Palm Beach, Florida, on Saturday night and killing him
Blanco, 38, collapsed in the kitchen in front of his fiancee and died from a gunshot wound to the chest 
Docs state that the suspect, wearing a skull mask, pulled a gun on the fiancee before fleeing on a bike
Couple’s neighbor went outside and yelled at the escaping suspect, who opened fire, prompting the neighbor to return fire, hitting him in the leg
Despite deputies later finding Blanco’s wallet, two gold bracelets and a gold watch in Medina-Tamayo’s pocket, the suspect still maintains his innocent 
Javier Medina-Tamayo 1Javier Medina-Tamayo, 20, is seen [photo], in a Florida hospital bed after being arrested on first-degree murder and home invasion charges. The victim’s neighbor shot him in the leg as he tried to escape 
A Florida man has been arrested for murder after authorities say he killed a homeowner during a home invasion. His escape was then thwarted when he shot by a neighbor as he tried to flee.

Javier Medina-Tamayo, 20, faced the camera for a mugshot on Sunday in his hospital bed at St Mary’s Medical Center, where he was being treated for a gunshot wound to the leg.
Medina-Tamayo faces charges of first-degree murder, occupied burglary with a firearm, home invasion robbery with a firearm, shooting into an occupied building and wearing a mask during the commission of a felony.
Enrique Munoz Blanco, 38, was found shot to death late Saturday in a Royal Palm Beach home. The violent Saturday night in a Royal Palm Beach neighborhood, which included a home invasion, murder and exchange of gunfire, is tied to one man,  Javier Medina Tamoya, say Palm Beach County sheriff’s investigators.
The 20-year-old Tamoya is accused of invading a home on the 900 block of Linda Court shortly before 10:30 p.m. Saturday, killing the 38-year-old man inside, threatening his fiancee at gunpoint and shooting at a neighbor as he fled.
The neighbor returned fire, leaving Medina Tamoya with a gunshot wound to his leg and sheriff’s authorities with a “person of interest” in Enrique Munoz Blanco’s shooting death.

Enrique Munoz Blanco 2Enrique Munoz Blanco, age 38 was shot and killed allegedly by Javier Medina-Tamayo who invaded his home on August 31, 2019 in Royal Palm Beach, Florida.

At 10.25pm on Saturday, Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputies responded to a home in the 900 block of Linda Court in Royal Palm Beach, where they found 38-year-old Enrique Munoz Blanco dead from a single gunshot wound to the chest in the kitchen.

Blanco’s suspected killer, Medina-Tamayo, was discovered laying in the middle of the street, suffering from a gunshot wound to his leg.
According to a probable court affidavit cited by Palm Beach Post, earlier that night Blanco and his fiancee were asleep in their bed when they were awakened by a loud noise coming from their living room.
Blanco got up and went to investigate the source of the commotion. Moments later, his fiancee heard a bang and saw her husband-to-be collapse to the floor.
The victim’s partner quoted him saying, ‘They shot me,’ as he struggled for air before drawing his last breath.
The woman reported seeing an intruder wearing a skull mask, who she said entered the kitchen through a broken sliding glass door and pointed a gun at her.
The slain homeowner’s fiancee screamed and begged for her life before running out the front door, according to the document.
At the same time, the couple’s neighbor heard the racket, grabbed his gun and went outside, just in time to see the intruder pedaling away on a bicycle.

Deputies say Medina-Tamayo on Saturday broke into the home of Enrique Blanco in the 900 block of Linda Court in Royal Palm Beach [photo], and fatally shot the man in the chest 
The neighbor yelled at the fleeing suspect, which the authorities say prompted Medina-Tamayo to turn around and fire his gun at the man.
The neighbor returned fire, hitting the 20-year-old in the leg and causing him to fall off his bike.
Medina-Tamayo was later taken to a hospital, where deputies searched his pants pockets and allegedly found Blanco’s stolen property, including his wallet, two gold bracelets and a gold watch.
Despite the discovery of the evidence allegedly connecting him to the home invasion, the 20-year-old suspect denied his involvement in the crime. He is currently being held in the county jail without bond.

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