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Kentucky police officer, Pablo Cano, pleads GUILTY to raping five women – Some while on duty and armed; He will spend five years in prison

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Kentucky police officer who was accused of raping five women is sentenced to five years in prison after accepting a plea deal
Pablo Cano, 38, pled guilty Monday to five counts of misdemeanor sexual misconduct and one count of possession of child porn 
Cano, a former Louisville Metro Police officer, was initially accused of raping five women between 2015 and 2017 – including while on duty and armed 
His victims have filed civil lawsuits against Cano and the police, which are still pending 
As part of plea deal, Cano will also have to register as a sex offender, complete sex offender program to qualify for parole    
Four of five civil lawsuits against Cano still pending

In charging the former officer, prosecutors however did not go that far and instead charged Cano with misdemeanor counts of sexual misconduct, citing questions about evidence of his use of force or physical threats.
Cano’s victims have agreed to the plea deal, which means they will not have to testify.

One of the victims of Cano’s sexual abuse, Heather Richards, has waived her rights to anonymity and gone public with her allegations after becoming the first of the five women to sue Cano in June 2017.
‘I would have testified, gotten up there if that’s what it took,’ accuser Richards told WAVE3. ‘But I’m thrilled that I don’t have to
In an interview with WLKY, Richards, previously known only as ‘Jane Doe 1,’ said it was a ‘huge relief’ for her, knowing that attacker was off the streets.

Pablo Cano 4.JPGIn some instances of rape Cano [seen in uniform], allegedly was on duty, armed and wearing a uniform

Attorney Shannon Fauver, who represents the victims in their civil lawsuits against Cano and the Louisville Metro Police, said her clients felt somewhat vindicated when the former cop was forced to say ‘guilty’ in response to each criminal count in court.
Cano also pled guilty on Monday to possessing child pornography stemming from sexually explicit material depicting a minor that was discovered during the initial sexual misconduct probe.
As part of his plea agreement, Cano will have to register as a sex offender and will be required to complete a sex offender program in prison in order to become eligible for parole.

Upon release he then would serve five years on supervised probation.
One of the five civil suits against Cano and his employers, the City of Louisville, was dropped after the plaintiff opted not to pursue it, but the other four are still winding their way through the court system.
Fauver said she is hopeful that Monday’s plea deal will pave the way toward a settlement that would spare her clients having to testify in civil court.
Defense attorney Steve Schroering said. his client “Mr. Cano is relieved to have the criminal portion of this case behind him.”

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