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Alleged New Hampshire church shooter, Dale Holloway, 37, beats up his public defender during a jailhouse interview

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Davidow told paramedics that he did not remember going to work that day and could not tell them the day or year. Later, at the hospital, he said he remembered putting his phone and keys into a locker at the jail and then waking up in an ambulance.
Davidow, who suffered a broken nose, a stroke caused by bleeding around the brain and other injuries, told police that Holloway didn’t want him as his lawyer, according to reports.

Dale Holloway 2Dale Holloway [photo], alleges he opened fire on the wedding party because the groom, Mark Castiglione, is related to the man accused of killing his stepfather 
Luiz Garcia 1The groom’s son, is facing trial for killing Holloway’s stepfather Luiz Garcia [photo], two weeks earlier

Stanley Choate 1.JPGBishop Stanley Choate, 75, was shot by Dale Holloway while he was conducting a wedding on Saturday 


New England Pentecostal Ministries in Pelham, NH 1.JPGPolice secure the New England Pentecostal Ministries in Pelham, NH after Dale Holloway shot two people during a wedding ceremony, including the bride, on Saturday
Brandon_Castiglione 1.jpgHolloway said he embarked on revenge shooting  after Brandon Castiglione, 24, killed his stepdad, two weeks prior 

Holloway contends that he got the attention of a nearby officer because he noticed Davidow’s nosebleed.
Holloway pled not guilty last week to attempted murder, assault and being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm after allegedly shooting 75-year-old Bishop Stanley Choate and bride Claire McMullen at a wedding on Oct. 12.
Prosecutors said he went into the New England Pentecostal Ministries Saturday morning and shot 75-year-old church bishop Stanley Choate and the bride, 60-year-old Claire McMullen, before guests pinned Holloway to the ground.
While the case is ongoing, investigators have said the groom, Mark Castiglione, is the father of a man recently charged with killing Holloway’s stepfather, Luis Garcia.
60-year-old Mark Castiglione, who was struck in the head with a weapon during the shooting and was treated and released from a hospital.



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