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Horror movie star, Aisling Tucker Moore-Reed, charged with real-life murder of her uncle back in Oregon, a day after filming wraps

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Horror movie actress and local newspaper reporter, Aisling Tucker Moore-Reed, [photo], allegedly recorded herself shooting her uncle to death in Applegate, Oregon, as a 26-year-old, in 2016. Initially she was indicted by a grand jury on charges of first- and second-degree manslaughter in the shooting death of her uncle, Shane Patrick Moore, at his home 

An actress whose character shoots someone dead in an upcoming horror movie was charged with a similar real-life murder just one day after filming wrapped.

Former reporter Aisling Tucker Moore-Reed, 30, stars under the pseudonym Wyn Reed in the lead role of Valerie Faust in the upcoming horror flick “From the Dark,” the Mail Tribune reports.
The filmmakers say they had no idea that when she was cast that she was facing a manslaughter charge for the 2016 shooting death of her uncle in Jackson County, Oregon, which she claimed as self-defense.

Aisling Tucker Moore-Reed  3.jpgAisling Tucker Moore-Reed, who plays the lead role of Valerie Faust [photo] in the upcoming horror flick “From the Dark,” is charged with the shooting death of her uncle, three years ago

Moore-Reed, the Oregon woman who allegedly recorded herself shooting her uncle in the summer of 2016 just starred in a movie to be released in 2020 that reportedly includes a scene where she fires a gun.
On Halloween, Siskiyou Productions released a preview for “From the Dark,” in which Reed plays the lead role of Valerie Faust, a young woman on her last day working as a tour guide for a “rural mountain lodge and cave attraction” whose going-away party goes awry.
“When people start turning up missing — or worse — it’s up to Valerie and her friends to determine who they can trust and figure out a way to either escape the isolated mountains or at least survive until help can arrive.”
According to a Washingonpost report, the movie includes “a crescendo of brutality that ends with a deadly shooting involving [Reed’s] character.”
Reed acted in the film while she was out on bail on manslaughter charges stemming from the shooting of her maternal uncle, Shane Patrick Moore, on property in the Applegate belonging to her grandmother.
The actress was re-arrested on a charge of murder the first week of September 2018.
The movie finished shooting in the fall of 2018.
However, filmmakers say they had no knowledge of Reed’s legal battle until she was re-arrested in September of last year on a murder charge.
“We met her in March of last year when she came to audition for our film,” the update says.
“We had absolutely no idea about who she was or her circumstances. Our circles never overlapped as our theater and film experience was solely in Grants Pass and hers in Medford.”
Aisling Tucker Moore Reed, currently in the Jackson County Jail on a murder charge in the shooting death of her uncle, has also written multiple books, blogged and reported for the Grants Pass Daily Courier under the name “Tucker Reed.”
The daughter of  New York Times bestselling true crime author, Dan Reed,  she has also embarked on an acting career with under the name “Wyn Reed.”
Her father wrote the 1988 true crime bestseller “Deadly Medicine.”

Aisling Tucker Moore-Reed  4.JPG
Aisling Tucker Moore Reed, seen in her Jackson County Jail booking photo, also has written books under the name “Tucker Reed and acted in a film under the name “Wyn Reed.”  The film’s makers  say that because they were a “small micro-budget film company,” they didn’t perform background checks on staff
The producers of the regionally produce film say because they were a “small micro-budget film company,” they didn’t perform background checks on staff.

The film finished filming in September 2019, about the same time Reed was jailed on murder charges surrounding an iPhone video of Shane Moore’s shooting death in the 7200 block of Thompson Creek Road in the Applegate.
According to earlier news reports, t
he phone that recorded the shooting of Shane Reed was allegedly found hidden in the back of a drawer, and had been seized as evidence in the initial homicide investigation; however, prosecutors were unable to unlock it, according to earlier news reports.
While Moore-Reed was on the five-month project, investigators got hold of cellphone footage she filmed while shooting her uncle — ending with her charges upgraded to murder just a day after filming wrapped, according to the reports.
Siskiyou Productions says it is now “struggling” with how to handle releasing the flick, given the serious charges facing the top-billed actor.
After learning of the developments in Reed’s case, filmmakers said  that they “didn’t know what to do, so we simply continued post production and hoped for the best.”
They had worked “so incredibly hard on a film that was written back in 2015,” they said. Adding that the film involves “many innocent people” of cast and crew that “worked very hard on this” for several years. 

Aisling Tucker Moore-Reed  2.JPG
Aisling Tucker Moore-Reed manslaughter charges were upgraded to murder just a day after filming wrapped after investigators obtained cellphone video she recorded while shooting her uncle

“We had absolutely no idea about who she was or her circumstances,” the company insisted on its IndieGoGo page for the film.
“Please, do forgive us. We are trying our best to make a release of this film happen, but we don’t want to hurt anyone in the process.”
Others involved in the film also note the eerie similarities between the real-life shooting and that played by the actress.
“There’s a key scene where she shoots somebody in a similar fashion,” CBSLA reports.
“The lead character knows they’re in trouble, and she just nailed the right level of fear,” another source on the film told the station.
Moore-Reed was charged with murder in January with her connection to the movie only emerging this week.
The cellphone footage she filmed while shooting her uncle, Shane Moore, 63, was key in her charges, Jackson County Circuit Judge Lisa Greif said during a January bail hearing.
It was almost like she was angry that he wasn’t dead,” Greif told the court of the suspect’s reaction on the footage.
“To me, that kind of nailed down the evidence for me.”
Moore-Reed is currently being held without bail. Her murder trial is scheduled for next month.

Aisling Tucker Moore-Reed  7.JPGAisling Tucker Reed-Moore was re-arrested on murder charges in Jan – upgraded from earlier charges of manslaughter

Reed-Moore’s mother, Kelly Moore, has stated publicly that her daughter lived in fear of her uncle, with whom Reed had a restraining order. 

She also claims her daughter shot her uncle Shane Moore in defense of herself, her mother and her grandmother, Lore Moore.

However, Kelly Moore was embroiled in a bitter dispute with Shane Moore over their mother’s property. Shane reportedly lived in a trailer on the property and wanted to stay, while Kelly Moore wanted to sell the home.
A trial previously set for the first week of December was called off last month at the request of Reed’s defense attorney, Larry Roloff, on grounds that defense is “involved in extensive ongoing investigation into this matter,” such as interviewing witnesses and preparing for expert testimony, and a trial date is “currently not feasible,” according to documents filed in Jackson County Circuit Court.
Reed’s next court appearance is a pretrial conference set for Dec. 9.

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