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Possible breakthrough in search for missing five-year-old Florida girl, Taylor Williams, as searchers find remains in Alabama, after her mother is identified as a person of interest in her disappearance

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Remains recovered from a wooded area in Demopolis, Alabama, on Tuesday, could belong to missing Florida girl Taylor Williams, police announced
Five-year-old Taylor Rose Williams went missing six days ago on Nov 6 from her home in Jacksonville, Florida  
Police searching for five-year-old Taylor Rose Williams recovered the remains from a wooded area in Demopolis, Alabama, on Tuesday
No positive identification as authorities wait for forensic confirmation
The girl’s mother, Navy Petty Officer Brianna Williams, was named a person of interest on Monday, after she stopped cooperating with the investigation
Brianna Williams on Nov 6, reported that she woke up and noticed her daughter wasn’t in her room and the back door to their home was wide open
Authorities however, said it may have been months since anyone besides Brianna Williams last seen Taylor
Reports that cadaver dogs were alerted to signs of decomposition in the trunk of Brianna Williams’ car 
The car was towed from the home by police on Wednesday 
Williams, police said, has not been named a suspect neither has she been arrested

Human remains have been found in the search for missing Florida five-year-old Taylor Rose Williams. The remains were recovered from a wooded area in Demopolis, Alabama, on Tuesday, six days after Taylor went missing from her home in Jacksonville, Florida, on November 6.
Demopolis police said the remains have been submitted for forensic testing to determine the victim’s identity.
Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams announced at a Monday press conference that the search had expanded as officers were deployed to Demopolis, west of Montgomery.
He also revealed that Taylor’s mother, Naval Petty Officer Brianna Williams, had been named as a person of interest in the case.
Sheriff Williams, who is not related to the victim or her family, said the girl’s mother has not spoken with detectives since the day she went missing and is no longer cooperating with their investigation.
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Taylor Williams and her mother Brianna Williams 1Five-year-old Taylor Williams seen [left, and right with her mother] was last seen by someone other than her mother in June. Her remains may have been found

Authorities have also been searching for the girl in Georgia. Sheriff Williams said they were still hoping to find the girl alive.
Brianna Williams reported her daughter missing on the morning of November 6.
She claimed that she had put Taylor to bed the prior evening, but woke up the next morning and noticed the girl wasn’t in her room and the back door of their home was wide open.
Reports indicate that direction of the missing person’s search changed when cadaver dogs were alerted to signs of decomposition in the trunk of Brianna Williams’ car.
The car was towed from the home by police on Wednesday 

In a bleak development, a cadaver dog picked up on scents in the trunk of Williams’ car, sources told WJXT-TV.
Although authorities haven’t confirmed the accuracy of the statement, they towed Williams’ car from her home in the Brentwood neighborhood on Wednesday.
‘There’s not one scenario of theory that we’re not exploring, and every possibility is being looked at,’ the sheriff said at a press conference.
Asked if he could confirm when Taylor was last seen by anyone other than her mother, the sheriff said: ‘We don’t know. So that is part of what we are digging into.’
At least one community member has come forward to say that she saw Taylor on June 5 at an on-base daycare that her own child also attended on Naval Air Station Jacksonville.
‘The kids were in the same class all year long, so I had seen her basically every day until the last day’ of day care, the mother told Action News Jacksonville.
However, it’s unclear whether Taylor was ever enrolled in school for the fall, and investigators are trying to piece together her mother’s movements in recent months.
On Sunday, Brianna Williams moved within Jacksonville from Southside Villas to her Ivy Street home in Brentwood. However, a woman who helped her on the move says that she did not see the little girl during the move.

Williams reportedly was valedictorian of Linden High School in 2010. She went on to study mechanical engineering at Alabama A&M University in Huntsville before joining the U.S. Navy.
She is currently a petty officer first class at the Tactical Operations Center at Naval Air Station in Jacksonville, Florida.

Sheriff Williams emphasized that petty officer Williams has not been arrested or charged, despite refusing to cooperate after investigators pointed out inconsistencies in her statements.
‘Here’s what we know: We know that Brianna Williams was the last person to see Taylor, and we need for her to cooperate with us in this investigation,’ Sheriff Williams said.
‘Nothing’s off the table. We won’t take the steps to say she’s a suspect. We know her daughter is missing and she was the last person to see her. We know she didn’t walk away.’

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