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Washington mother-of-three shot and killed in front of her young children, in their school’s parking lot, by her estranged husband – Shooter Keland Hill then turned the gun on himself as police gave chase

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Tiffany Hill was shot dead by her estranged husband Keland Hill outside the Sarah J. Anderson Elementary School, Keland Hill in Washington on Nov 26 
The mom-of-three was shot dead in front of her young children in their school’s parking lot by her estranged husband who then turned the gun on himself after a police chase
Police said Keland Hill shot through the windshield while Tiffany sat with her children and her mother in a van
The children were uninjured, but their grandmother sustained severe injuries
Court records show Keland Hill had an extensive record of abuse and violence
Police said Tiffany Hill had an active restraining order against her husband
The killing happened two weeks after prosecutors filed a motion to increase his previous bail of $75,000 on stalking charges to $2 million, because they obtained additional information
Stating furthermore, that a ‘danger assessment’ filled out by Hill’s wife showed ‘that the victim [Tiffany], is at extreme risk of being killed by the defendant’

Tiffany Hill was killed Tuesday outside Sarah J. Anderson Elementary School in Hazel Dell.
Police have said the shooter, Keland Hill, killed himself a short time later after a police chase.
Tiffany Hill’s sister, Tabitha Ojeda, said in a GoFundMe post on Wednesday that Hill’s three children were in the car and witnessed the shooting but were not physically injured. Her mother was shot three times and has undergone multiple surgeries but is expected to survive.
Ojeda said she and her other surviving sister will take in the three children and are trying to get together enough money for seven plane tickets back to New York.
Police have said Tiffany Hill had an active restraining order against Keland Hill, who had just posted bail when the shooting occurred.
‘The road the children have ahead of them is not an easy one,’ Ojeda wrote.
‘This journey will not be easy, it will be emotionally, physically, mentally and financially draining, but with all the love and support we can try to give these children the best lives we possibly can.’
The shooting happened after school had let out for the day and no one else was injured.

On November 7, sheriff’s deputies responding to a call outside a restaurant poked around her vehicle and found a black box, with a GPS tracker inside, affixed to the fuel tank. Hill was arrested and accused of stalking her.
Clark County Superior Court Judge John Fairgrieve set bail in the stalking case at $75,000 during a first appearance hearing the next day. A week later, Deputy Prosecutor Lauren Boyd filed a motion to increase the bail to $2 million, arguing that additional information and a ‘danger assessment’ filled out by Hill’s wife showed ‘that the victim is at extreme risk of being killed by the defendant.’

Court records show Hill posted bail November 22.
On Tuesday, hours before the murder, he was back in the judge’s court for a motion to approve commuting to work using a vehicle.
An affidavit indicated that Fairgrieve permitted Hill to travel to White Salmon and Hood River, Oregon, for work purposes only.
The crowd funding account set up to assist the family with medical bills and raise the children has raised $64,217 of the $100,000 goal.

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