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Juan Carlos García, Ex-CEO of Amazon Mexico suspected in wife’s murder

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Family believes that daughter’s estranged husband arranged her assassination
Juan Carlos García, former CEO of Amazon Mexico considered a suspect in wife’s murder
Abril Pérez Sagaón was shot in the head and neck Monday by a motorcyclist in front of two of their children at an airport
Juan Carlos García and his wife, Abril Pérez Sagaón, were locked in a nasty divorce at the time
Pérez accused her husband of attempted murder earlier this year, claiming he beat her with a baseball bat while she was asleep
She also had a restraining order against Garcia

García and Pérez Sagaón, were locked in a nasty divorce when she was shot in the head and neck Monday by a motorcyclist in front of two of their children at an airport.
Pérez, who had a restraining order against her husband, accused the former corporate executive of attempted murder in January, claiming he beat her with a baseball bat while she was asleep, the outlet reported.

Juan Carlos García 1.jpgJuan Carlos Garcia [photo], was taken into custody for the incident but released in Oct when the judge downgraded the charge to domestic violence. Now his in-laws say he’s the brains behind his wife’s assassination

On the night of the alleged incident in January the couple’s second son who heard the noise walked in on his father about to slice his mother with a razor.  According to the report, although they were not the first blows and threats she received in the abusive marriage, it was the first time he decided to file charges.
After the alleged attempt on her life, Pérez moved away from Mexico City to Monterrey with her three children family and filed for divorce while pursuing the criminal charges  for attempted murder.
Garcia was arrested but was released shortly after.
At trial, despite the testimony of the victim and the son, who was a witness to the assault Mexico City Superior Court judge Federico Mosco González downgraded the charges related to attempted femicide, instead reclassified the charges to reflect a case of domestic violence.
The reclassification enabled Garcia to make bail.
Judge González who controversially released a doctor accused of raping a patient in 2018, exculpated him from that crime without a requirement to acknowledge that there was sexual abuse, which precluded he requirement of mandatory jail time.

Abril Perez Sangone 5.JPG
Abril Pérez Sagaón’s family have accused her estranged husband of being responsible for her death

In the face of mounting criticism, the two members of Mexico’s judiciary involved with the Garcia case  – judge Mosco González and judge Luis Alejandro Díaz Antonio have been suspended.
Abril Pérez Sagaón had been in Mexico City for a court hearing and was headed to the airport to depart back to Monterrey when she was killed on Monday — and her family believes that her estranged husband arranged the assassination.
“He has enough money to hire a hitman,” a relative told El Pais. “We have no doubt that it was him.”
No charges have been filed in the case, but her estranged husband is considered the main suspect, El Pais reported.
García was hired to run Amazon Mexico operations in 2014 and left three years later to join the commerce group Elektra, according to his LinkedIn page.

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