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Police identify teen couple found shot to death in Georgia, inside a car on Thanksgiving morning, shooter still at large

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Mystery in shooting deaths of two teens found inside a parked vehicle on Thanksgiving morning in Henry County, Georgia as cops seek killer[s]
Teen couple were found shot to death inside car on Thanksgiving morning
Police confirmed the two victims were 19-year old Dahmir Robinson and 18-year old Savannah Fulmer had both been shot in the head
Fulmer was a student at Eagles Landing High School and a popular athlete
Neither girl lived in the neighborhood where they were discovered


Savannah Fulmer 4.JPGPolice confirmed the two victims were 18-year old Savannah Fulmer [second right in left photo] and her boyfriend,
19-year old Dahmir Robinson. Fulmer [right], was a student at Eagles Landing High School and a popular athlete.


Authorities have additionally speculated that because there were no bullet holes
in the car, that the young couple was fatally shot – both in the head – outside
the vehicle and then placed inside of it.
Law enforcement officers have not yet uncovered a motive or suspect in the case
and have called on the community to come forward with any details they may
“Right now, we’re just asking for the public’s help to generate any leads,
any information we can use,” Detective William Poss told Fox 5.
He declined to say why the teens were in the neighborhood and whether a
weapon was recovered on the scene.
Robinson was a recent graduate of Woodland High School while Fulmer had
just entered her final year at Eagles Landing High School. She was a popular
student and well-known for her athletic abilities.
“Savannah had a kind heart and a sweet spirit,” her former softball coach,
Brittany Lewis said.
“She always gave me hug and told me how much she was having playing
the game. I will always remember her as I step on the field from here on out.”


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