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Former Alabama cop charged with murder after estranged wife is found dead in a parking lot – Jason McIntosh abducted and shot Megan Montgomery, who left and got a restraining order against him, after he shot her in the arm in February

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Jason McIntosh, formerly an officer with Hoover PD,  surrendered to police on Wednesday afternoon and has been formally charged with capital murder
The Ex-cop, 45, turned himself in after his estranged wife, Megan Montgomery, was found dead in a parking lot, following months of stalking that began when she got a restraining order against him 
The body of Megan Louise Montgomery was found face down in a parking lot in Mountain Brook, Alabama, less than 10 miles east of Birmingham, at about 4:30 a.m. on Sunday
Montgomery, 31, had been at a bar on in Saturday when her ex-husband Jason Bragg McIntosh, an ex-police officer, walked in and escorted her out
McIntosh then drove her to a parking lot of a high school in Mountain Brook, and shot her several times, striking her in the back and head, bringing an end to an abusive relationship she had tried for months to escape
In February, McIntosh shot Montgomery in the arm during an argument after she announced she was ending the marriage on the first anniversary of their marriage
The following month she obtained a restraining order, subsequently filed for divorce, leading to another domestic incident that saw McIntosh in custody, charged with third-degree domestic violence

Two days after the filing, McIntosh was taken into custody once again on a domestic violence charge. Police say interviews with the pair determined that a verbal argument escalated into a physical confrontation in the early hours of the morning.
Montgomery suffered scrapes and red marks all over her body but was said to have refused medical attention. McIntosh, meanwhile, was taken into custody and charged with third-degree domestic violence.
In addition to posting about her passions of fitness and volunteering, Montgomery dedicated a number of Instagram posts and stories to raise awareness about the warnings signs of violent relationships and how difficult it can be to escape them.
She shared a number of disturbing texts, allegedly sent by McIntosh, in which the now-murder suspect sent her just eight weeks before her death.

Megan Montgomery [left], and her ex-husband Jason Bragg McIntosh 7The Montgomery [left] and McIntosh [right], were married on Feb 2, 2018, and separated a year later on Feb 23, 2019, the day cops were called to the couple’s home to reports that McIntosh, then an office, shot his wife in the arm
Megan Montgomery 10Montgomery [photo], had a standing a restraining order against McIntosh, obtained in march, seeking protection from him ‘harassing, annoying, assaulting, striking, hitting, intimidating, threatening, interfering with, telephoning or in any fashion harming or contacting’ her

In what appears to be an exchange about turning up unannounced and interrupting Montgomery’s evening out, McIntosh writes: ‘I figure you would have thought last night was really hot. Such a dominant/alpha move to drive down there and snatch you up and bring you home.’
When Montgomery replied calling him her ‘own personal stalker’, McIntosh seemed to take pride in the label, responding, ‘I really am.’
‘I will never let you go,’ he continued. ‘And guys will finally figure out that it’s just not worth it.
‘I’m sorry BB […] just gonna have to keep you for now. I’m hoping forever but I can guarantee you for now.’
In an additional message, McIntosh says I know you will be at [redacted] tonight. I can promise you I will not be showing up.’
Montgomery responds by telling McIntosh that he has ‘ruined her life’.
Perplexed, the former police officer responds ‘How? […] I truly don’t understand.’
She also shared a frightening since-deleted video in which McIntosh pointed a gun at her during a video call and made a series of sickening threats against her life.
‘It’s one more click and I’m dead,’ she wrote in block letters over the footage.

Brad Norred post on murder of Megan Montgomery 1

The abuse culminated violently early Sunday morning, when Montgomery’s body was found in the Mountain Brook Athletic Complex parking lot, situated below the high school.

Megan Montgomery 12.JPG‘I didn’t know [Megan, L-R] had a restraining order, or was going through a divorce, none of it. I watched her walk away, terrified, and knew nothing. None of us did, but we were the last group of people to see her alive,’ said new acquaintance, Brad Norred

Brad Norred had been sitting at the table in the oyster bar with Montgomery when McIntosh walked in and escorted her out – which would later prove to be the final time she was ever seen alive in public.
Norred, who had only met Montgomery earlier that same day, recalled that Montgomery appeared ‘terrified’ when McIntosh approached her from behind, but he assumed at the time she had ‘just been caught doing something behind her husband’s back, not that she was scared for her life.’
‘I didn’t know she had a restraining order, or was going through a divorce, none of it. I watched her walk away, terrified, and knew nothing. None of us did, but we were the last group of people to see her alive,’ he continued.
The chilling encounter left Norred with a number of unanswered questions.
‘What I could have done different, if anything?’ he asked in the post. ‘Or why didn’t she tell us, or stand up to him knowing there was so many of us to take care of her? Was she protecting us knowing he had made threats of mass violence before?
‘He had the gun on him,’ Norred continued. ‘Maybe she saved our lives had we tried to stop him from taking her away from our friend group. I’ll never know, nobody will, but that question will never go away.’
‘I knew her for not even 12 hours but every article I’ve read about how nice, selfless, and genuine she is accurate.’

Tributes to the sociable and fun-loving Montgomery have been shared in abundance since her death was announced over the weekend.
Her best-friend John-Michael Criswell told WSFA: ‘She carried a light I don’t think I’ve ever seen in another human being.’
Criswell met Montgomery when he was an 18-year-old freshman at Belmont University in Nashville.
‘This weird, amazing person who marched to the beat of her own drum and would not judge and loved everyone came into my life, and it was Megan,’ he said with a smile.
Montgomery was a founding member of the GBHS Young Professionals Board and a beloved volunteer at the Greater Birmingham Humane Society.
‘She was a tireless volunteer, never missing the chance to attend adoption events, raise funds for GBHS, or drive rescue transports. Her bright spirit, compassionate heart, and steadfast love for animals will be profoundly missed. She never met a stranger and was a true friend to everyone,’ the humane society said in a statement.
In the weeks before her death, the 31-year-old expressed an excitement for her new single life on Instagram, offering followers a virtual tour of her ‘bachelorette pad’.
She also shared stages from her recovery from the gunshot wound to her arm and updates about her rescue kitten, Maya, who was born on the same day she’d been shot.
‘I think there’s a reason I was pulled to her today,’ she wrote on Facebook in October. ‘Maybe it’s God’s way of showing me that the worst day of my life had a silver lining, because Maya was brought into this world that day for me.’

Formal warrants against McIntosh have not yet been announced.
In a post uploaded by Hoover Police Department on Sunday, he was described as ‘former law enforcement officer’ who ‘has made threats of violence and mass shooting in the past.’

Megan Montgomery 11.JPGRecently, a newly single Montgomery shared stages from her recovery from the gunshot wound to her arm and updates about her rescue kitten, Maya, who was born on the same day she’d been shot

After McIntosh was charged Wednesday, his attorney, Tommy Spina, suggested that his client was physically abused by both of his parents as a child.
‘To me, this case stands for the proposition that domestic violence is a real societal problem that is gender neutral and needs to be addressed in any relationship at the first sign of aggression by either party,’’ Spina said.
‘This is all very sad, but also very real.’
In a statement, Mountain Brook Police Chief Ted Cook said an investigation in the killing is ‘very much active and ongoing’.

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