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Best-selling British author, Lindsay de Feliz, found dead and buried in shallow grave near her home in the Dominican Republic

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British born lawyer and writer Lindsay Peta de Feliz, 64, had been reported missing on October 10.

A canine unit on Thursday discovered the remains of de Feliz buried in the woods near her home in Moncion on the north side of the Caribbean island nation, the Independent reported. The body was found buried yesterday about 700 feet from her home in the town of Cacique, showing signs of trauma.
Authorities said her body, wrapped in plastic bags used for dog food and a yellow sheet, showed signs of strangulation.

Lindsay de Feliz's grave 1.jpgThe remains of British born lawyer and writer, Lindsay de Feliz who had been reported missing by her husband, Danilo Felix, on Dec 10, was found Thursday in the town of Cacique, buried in a shallow grave. Authorities said she had been strangled

De Feliz was first reported missing Tuesday by her 50-year-old husband, Danilo Feliz, who was arrested in connection with her death, local news outlet, Hoy Digital reported. His 29-year-old son, Dani Alberto Feliz Martinez and a third suspect, identified as 37-year-old Aquilino Rosario Sanchez were also reportedly taken into police custody.

De Feliz, who was born in the UK, was a graduate of Wolverhampton University.
Some of her school pals earlier this week were offering a reward leading to information resulting her discovery.
She was the author of two books about living in the Dominican Republic called “What About Your Saucepans?” and “Life After Saucepans.”

The first chronicles how she abandoned her marriage and lifestyle of “expensive holidays, designer clothes” and “fast cars” to instead work as a Scuba instructor in the Dominican Republic. But life was far from easy at first — she was nearly killed in an armed robbery gone wrong after she relocated.
Police said after the murder, the trio staged the disappearance, creating a false trail.
Felix dropped off  Danilo and Aquilino at a bus stop in Navarrete, Santiago, at about 1:30 on Dec 10.
To consolidate their alibi of being out of town on the day, the pair then traveled to Monción, continuing to Juan Dolio in San Pedro de Macrocosm.
At noon the next day Felix used his wife’s ATM card to withdraw money. He admitted making the withdrawal but claimed that he always used it and that he took that money to do diligence in the Search for his wife.
The report indicates that the body was found buried two feet deep in a wooded area, wrapped in black plastic covers, two dog food and a yellow sheet. The head was in another black sheath with adhesive tape pressing her neck. The coroner certified that she died as a result of respiratory failure due to compression of the veins in his neck.
The dog food covers, with which the body was wrapped, coincide with other of the same brands found in the house.

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