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Thirteen people injured early Sunday, after a pair of gunmen opened fire at a Chicago house during a memorial party for a 22-year-old victim of gun violence

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Gunfire during a house party in a Chicago home early Sunday left thirteen people shot and wounded, four of them critically
Shooting marred a memorial party for a 22-year-old gunshot victim, Lonell Irvin
The large gathering was to honor the birthday of gunshot victim Lonell Irvin was killed in April during a carjacking attempt
Victims ranged in age between 16 and 48 
One shooter opened fire after a dispute inside house party just after 12.30am, police described two shooters on the scene who seemed to fire at random
A different shooter was seen outside the home shooting at a vehicle 
Two people are being questioned for the shooting 

Chicago police are questioning two suspected gunmen after 13 people were wounded, four of them critically, during a shooting inside a large memorial gathering early Sunday in the Englewood neighborhood on the South Side, authorities said.
Police described two shooters on the scene who seemed to fire at random.

About 12:40 a.m., a house party, celebrating what would’ve been the birthday of a man who also died as a result of gun violence.
Lonell Irvin who would have been turning 22  was killed in April.
The memorial birthday party which  was held in the 5700 block of South May Street., degenerated when, someone inside opened fire after a dispute, sending 13 people to area hospitals with gunshot wounds, according to Chicago police.

Those shot ranged in age from 16 to 48, and the 16-year-old boy was one of those in critical condition, said Fred Waller, who heads the patrol division for Chicago police.

Two people were being questioned in connection with the shooting, and Officer Michael Carroll Sunday morning said no charges had been announced.
Police said one of the men was shot himself, and he remained hospitalized for treatment of his gunshot wound as of a 6 a.m. news conference. The second man was in possession of a revolver when he was stopped, Waller said.
Chicago police chief of patrol Fred Waller described three different shooting scenes and what appears to be two shooters.
Once people began to flee, a person was captured on a Chicago police pod camera firing more shots. Then a different shooter was seen shooting at a vehicle, Waller said.
The assailants appeared to be ‘shooting randomly’ as frightened party attendees ran out of the home.

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