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Womb raider who ‘kidnapped’ Heidi Broussard’s baby daughter renamed the one-month-old and told pals she was worried over her missing best friend, whose body later turned up in the trunk of her car

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New mom Heidi Broussard, 33, and her daughter, Margot, went missing from their Austin home on December 12  – Her body was found stuffed in the trunk of a car, parked at a Houston home a week later
On Friday, authorities charged Broussard’s best friend, Magen Fieramusca, with two counts of kidnapping and one count of tampering with a corpse 
The car in which Broussard’s body was found is Fieramusca’s car, and a baby believed to be Margot was found alive and well inside her Houston home
Fieramusca had been telling pals that she had recently given birth to her own little girl named ‘Luna Rose’ and may have tried to pass off baby Margot as her own daughter 
The 33-year-old wedding planner also told mutual pals she was worried sick about her best friend’s disappearance 
Heidi Broussard (right) is pictured with her 'best friend' Magen Fieramusca (left) in an undated photo. Broussard was found dead in the trunk of Fieramusca's car on Thursday evening. It's now believed Fieramusca may have  tried to pass off her dead best friend's baby daughter, Margot, as her own childNew mom Heidi Broussard [right)] with  her ‘best friend’ Magen Fieramusca [left] who is now charged in her death, was found dead in the trunk of Fieramusca’s car parked at a home in Houston, Texas on Thursday evening. Her infant daughter was found alive in the home
The female suspect accused of kidnapping an Austin mother and her one-month-old daughter had spent recent weeks telling friends that she had given birth to a baby girl of her own.  

On Thursday evening, a mutual friend of the pair, Caressa Nolte, called in to a live podcast to discuss Broussard’s disappearance, when the hosts revealed that police had suddenly descended upon Fieramusca’s home.
‘Oh my God. What?,’ a stunned Nolte gasped. ‘That’s Magen…her best friend. She met her at church camp with me.’
She added: ‘I talk to Magen every day. She’s been like sick over this. She just had a baby and she’s breastfeeding…’
The hosts of the podcast appeared to be intrigued by the fact that Fieramusca and Broussard both had baby girls around the same age, and pressed Nolte for further details
‘Her name is Luna Mae…. she’s 15 days old, 16 days old,’ Nolte told the hosts.
Broussard was found dead in the trunk of Fieramusca’s car on Thursday evening.
It’s now believed Fieramusca may have  tried to pass off her dead best friend’s baby daughter, Margot, as her own child
Police found Broussard’s baby, Margot, inside the home when they arrived on Thursday night, but Fieramusca was adamant that the infant was hers.
However, on Friday, Fieramusca was charged with two counts of kidnapping and one count of tampering with a corpse.

A second person is reportedly in custody but has not yet been named.
Broussard and baby Margot vanished from their Austin home on December 12.
On Friday an autopsy revealed the cause of Broussard’s death was ligature strangulation and the manner of death was ruled a homicide, according to the Harris County Medical Examiner’s Office.
Fieramusca told investigators that Margot, who was found alive and well, was her child. Neighbors and her former attorney said she appeared to be pregnant recently.
Officials are still waiting for official confirmation of the baby’s identity through DNA testing, but believe it is Margot, as per The Statesman.
Fieramusca was arrested after a tip led police to the Jersey Village Property where Broussard’s body was found in the trunk of a car parked there. That car was registered to Fieramusca.
On social media Broussard hailed Fieramusca as her best friend and gushed about their close friendship on Facebook. Fieramusca was reportedly with her at the hospital when she gave birth to baby Margot on November 26.
The two met at church camp when they were just 11 years old, according to KHOU11.
Law enforcement said Fieramusca pretended to be pregnant herself at the same time as Broussard and even set a fake due date for December 1 and had a Target baby registry with a man named Christopher Green. In reality Green is her landlord.
A source now says Fieramusca was a womb-raider who was was secretly plotting to steal the baby throughout Broussard’s pregnancy, according to The Statesman.  

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The victim Heidi Broussard referred to Maygen Fieramusca, whom she’s known since the age of 11 as her ‘best friend’ and ‘bestie’ on Facebook post from six years ago

Heidi Broussard and Margot vanished on December 12, last seen in their home in Austin, 165 miles away from where Broussard’s body was found near Houston.

They disappeared after dropping Broussard’s other child, six-year-old Silas, off at school.
Broussard’s fiancé Shane Carey had made desperate public pleas for them to come home.
Video from Broussard’s apartment complex capture her getting into Fieramusca’s car willingly on December 12 with her daughter, ABC13 reports.
Neighbors of Fieramusca said she lived in the Houston home with Christopher Green, who owned the residence.
Green, who was named on Humphrey’s baby register, in actuality is her landlord.
Green, 33, has owned the home since 2015. He has not been charged in connection to the case.
Green is thought to have no connection with Broussard and was not at the home when her body was discovered.

Megan Rose Fieramusca 1
Alleged womb raider: Video from Heidi Broussard’s apt complex capture her getting into her friend Fieramusca’s [photo], car willingly on Dec 12 with her daughter
Heidi Broussard's body found, and her baby Margot, alive 1Thursday’s discovery of the body and baby Margot was a breakthrough in the case that launched a massive search for the missing mother and child.

Green according to his mother Christine Green, had been renting the property to Humphrey for two years. The pair had never been in a relationship except as landlord and tenant although she ‘had never paid rent’, a member of his family said.
Still records indicate  that Green bailed out Fieramusca out of jail in 2018 after she was arrested for theft for allegedly stealing money from an Ace Express check cashing business where she worked as assistant manager. The case was dismissed for lack of evidence.
Thursday’s discovery of the body and baby Margot was a breakthrough in the case that launched a massive search for the missing mother and child.
‘It’s been a horrible week here in Austin. We were hoping to find Heidi alive,’ FBI Special Agent in Charge Christopher Combs said in the press conference, adding it was a ‘heartbreaking development’.

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