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Body is found just 300 yards from the remote cabin where missing Michigan mom, 47, vanished two months ago after making frantic call about ‘shootout with two men – Family believe remains belong to Adrienne Quintal

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Family believes that body found in a flooded area on her family’s property near Honor, in northwestern Michigan on Saturday belongs to missing Michigan mom
The human remains was found  just 300 YARDS from the remote cabin where Adrienne Quintal vanished two months ago after calling out for help 
Adrienne Quintal, 47, went missing on Oct. 17,  after calling a friend for help at 2.34am to report she was in a shoot out with two men
the mother of an adult son, told that friend she shot one man in face and the other man shot at her
Quintal had traveled from Warren and met her boyfriend at he cabin
The boyfriend however, left two days before she vanished to collect supplies from their home in Southfield
Quintal’s sister previously said she’d suffered a head injury several months prior to her disappearance
The boyfriend, who has not been named, has been designated a person of interest
Adrienne Quintal was shot in this cabin 1.JPG Quintal went missing after a making a distressing phone call from the cabin [photo] in rural Michigan. In her last communication, Quintal told a friend she had shot one man in the face and was exchanging gunfire with another.

‘Today we found her,’ read a post on a social media account supporting the search.  ‘We are heartbroken as the search did not have a positive ending.’
Benzie County Undersheriff Kyle Rosa, deputies and a medical examiner recovered the body.
In her last communication, Quintal told a friend she had shot one man in the face and was exchanging gunfire with another.
In that last phone call with Quintal, her friend says she told of a shootout at the rural cabin, that she had shot one man in the face and the other shot at her, according to Bryson.
Authorities found multiple bullet holes in the empty cabin and shell casings on the ground from what appeared to be multiple guns. 

No blood was found in or around the cabin, but cops recovered evidence suggesting shots were fired out of the cabin from the inside.
Quintal’s 9mm handgun also was found on the ground, and her boots and cellphone on the roof.
Quintal’s sister previously told the Detroit Free Press the woman had suffered a head injury several months prior to her disappearance, raising the possibility that she might have suffered some kind of a medical problem on the morning she went missing.
Honor is about 20 miles southwest of Traverse City and 254 miles northwest of Detroit.
Two weeks ago, 40 volunteers and a dozen teams of cadaver dogs scoured 1,000 acres of snow-covered land around Quintal’s cabin, but failed to locate her body.
The ground around the cabin is swampy and nearly impassable in some areas, making a search very difficult, Rosa said. 

‘We’re hopeful that it’s Quintal so that we can close out our case and we can bring closure to the family, finally,’ Rosa said.
‘It’s been a long road for them, and they’ve been sticking with it and being positive and trying to be on the positive end of things.’
In the days before she vanished, Quintal had spent time at the cabin with her boyfriend, who was not identified.
Her son said the boyfriend had left Honor, Michigan, two days before and returned home to Southfield.
‘He was up there with her, he came home to drop supplies off, we are working on the condo here,’ her son Nick White previously told Fox 2.
‘She was also just getting ready for hunting and hanging out and enjoying the wildlife.’
The boyfriend has been designated a person of interest by authorities.
On Saturday evening, White took to Facebook to pay tribute to his mother, writing: ‘mom if you can see this I love you more than words can describe and always will. You are more than my mother you are my best friend. I’ll never forget the times we had and what you did for me. Rest easy I’ll make you proud I promise. Love you mom.’

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