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Texas man, William Bayles, ‘shoots dead his eight-months pregnant ex-girlfriend’ and her unborn daughter in front of their two young sons, then shoots himself in Christmas Day triple-murder suicide

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William Bayles from San Antonio, Texas  lies in hospital, critically injured after attempting to take his own lie on Christmas Day
Bayles, 27, shot and killed his eight-months pregnant ex-girlfriend and her unborn daughter in front of their two young sons on Christmas Day before turning the gun on himself’
Gabriella Rodriguez, 24, was shot dead in the Candle Park section of San Antonio on Christmas Day as she was dropping off her two young sons, Mathew, 6, and Ricardo, 2, at the home of her ex-boyfriend and co-parent, Bayles 
Rodriguez’s mother says Bayles shot his daughter, their children and then turned the gun on himself, rushed to hospital he is currently listed in critical condition
Rodriguez reportedly, left Bayles a year ago because their relationship was abusive
CCTV shows Rodriguez dropping off her two young boys at Bayles’ home while her current boyfriend and father of unborn daughter, Gian Garza, was waiting in a car
Gabriella Rodriguez andher sons 2
Gabriella Rodriguez, seen with her sons, Matthew and Ricardo [photo], was more than eight months pregnant when she was shot and killed by her ex-boyfriend William Bayles in front of their two young sons before he turned the gun on himself on Dec., 25 in San Antonio, Texas

A 24-year-old San Antonio woman who was more than eight months pregnant was shot and killed by her ex-boyfriend right in front of their two young sons before he turned the gun on himself on Christmas Day.
William Bayles, 27, is in critical condition in a San Antonio hospital after the family of the victim,  Gabriella Rodriguez, identified him as the shooter.
Rodriguez’s mother, Rosario Gutierrez Garcia, told WOAI-TV that her daughter was dropping off her two sons, ages 6 and 2, at Bayles’ home.
Garcia said that even though her daughter had broken up with Bayles a year ago to escape an abusive relationship, she was determined to continue to co-parent their two young sons.
‘I’m going to be honest it was a very tumultuous relationship,’ Garcia said.

‘Gabby tried many times to get away from William but she wanted to co-parent with him for the boys’ sake.’
She is seen carrying her two-year-old son in her arms and walking toward her ex-boyfriend’s home in the Candle Park section of San Antonio while her current boyfriend, Gian Garza, who is the father of her unborn child, waits in the car.
Moments later, Rodriguez is shot dead.
‘I pray for his mom and his family as well I don’t want to be negative and I’m just going to ask God to carry me through,’ Garcia said.
Rodriguez had just completed her certification to become a licensed beautician, according to her mother. 

‘My daughter was a very loving mother a beautiful daughter funny courageous and she was just a go-getter,’ she said.
The bereaved mother added: ‘We were together Christmas Eve.
‘We were going to have a baby shower for her this coming weekend, now I’m preparing to bury my daughter and take care of two little boys.’
Garcia said the two boys witnessed what happened to their mother. She said they will be receiving counseling.
Rodriguez’s aunt, Laura Salinas, started a fundraising campaign on Facebook asking the public for donations to help offset the cost of the funeral.
As of Thursday, the campaign has raised more than $8,600. The goal of the fundraising effort to $20,000.

Rosario Gutierrez Garcia 1.JPGThe victim’s mother Rosario Gutierrez Garcia [photo], said her daughter wanted to co-parent her two young sons with their father, William Bayles
Garza updated his profile picture on his Facebook page. It shows him posing with Rodriguez and her two young boys.

‘Forever in our hearts. Love is stronger than hate,’ he wrote.
In another social media post, Garza asked the public to donate to the crowdfunding effort.
‘Please in this time of need, consider donating to our family for Gabby, Emilia, Matthew and Ricardo,’ he wrote.
‘We are all eternally grateful for anything and everything provided.
‘Everyone’s love, thoughts, and prayers have helped immensely with dealing with this. There is strength in love, and we are strong.’
Bexar County court records indicate that Bayles had previous run-ins with the law. He has been cited for marijuana possession as well as with driving under the influence.
Rodriguez’s family has launched a crowdfunding campaign to help pay for her funeral

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