Police arrived at the scene and found Jefferson’s body on the ground next to a car with its door still open.

Akins had left the parking lot by the time officers arrived, according to the Chronicle.
Police said they began searching for Akins after he was identified by witnesses as the victim’s fiance.
Akins then went to a police station for an interview with investigators. At the time he arrived at the station, he was considered a person of interest rather than a suspect. However, hours later his status changed after he was arrested and charged.

Dominic Jefferson 5Jefferson posted photos on Facebook showing off her engagement ring, expressing her joy at her recent engagement to the man who killed her days later

‘Nobody deserves to die like that,’ Jefferson’s sister, Charmone Onyeije, told KHOU-TV.
‘I’m not going to let her die in vain, but I am going to celebrate her life as we know it.’
Jefferson’s family said the couple had been together for about three months.
During that time, they had never heard of any problems in the relationship, according to KHOU-TV.
Police said they are searching for surveillance videos from the area for more evidence.
Akins live streamed his proposal to Jefferson on Facebook on New Year’s Eve.

Dominic Jefferson 3

Video posted to Facebook shows Akins wear a white t-shirt with the words ‘Dominic will you marry me?’ written on the front.
In the video, Jefferson is wearing a blindfold and is seated on a couch in what appears to be a living room.
Akins then proposes to her by revealing an engagement ring.
Jefferson posted video and photos on New Year’s Eve to document the joyous occasion.
‘Happy new years to us 2020 it’s up there,’ she wrote in a post.
According to her Facebook account, Akins worked as a cashier at Wendy’s.
Jefferson’s family say the mother-of-three owned a company called All About BLACC Enterprises, which promoted live shows and events, with a focus on helping African-American women succeed in the arts.