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Home builder, Fotis Dulos, ‘restrained his estranged ex with zip ties before killing her’, police charge him with wife Jennifer’s murder; Mistress and lawyer, also arrested for ‘covering up the crime’

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A defiant looking Fotis Dulos, 52, was arrested at his home in Farmington, Connecticut on Tuesday morning 
He is charged with kidnapping and murdering his estranged wife Jennifer Dulos and disposing of the body 
The luxury real estate developer police said ‘restrained his estranged wife with zip ties before killing her’, police claim – as they charge him with murder and his girlfriend and lawyer are arrested for ‘covering up the crime’
Jennifer Dulos, a mother of five, has been missing since May 24, presumed dead, although her body has never been found 
Arrest warrants offer shocking slew of new physical evidence, including trash bags and zip ties with Jennifer’s DNA
Girlfriend Michelle Troconis, 45, and attorney Kent Mahwinney also face charges
They are accused of helping Dulos conceal the murder after the fact 
Dulos is being held on $6 million bail and Troconis has bail set at $2 million

Fotis Dulos 3
Fotis Dulos, [photo], was arrested on Tuesday in Connecticut and charged with murder, felony murder, and kidnapping of his estranged wife Jennifer Dulos who has been missing for eight months and presumed dead

After nearly a year of investigation and seeming inability to cobble a case that would warrant arrest and charging of a the prime suspect in a probable case of homicide, police in Connecticut Tuesday arrested a real estate developer in the mysterious disappearance of his estranged wife along with his mistress and his former attorney.
Luxury home builder Fotis Dulos was arrested on Tuesday and charged with murder in the death of Jennifer Dulos after shocking new evidence led to the raising of an arrest warrants for Fotis Dulos and his ex-girlfriend, Michelle Troconis, who have been arrested and murder related charges being filed in the death of Dulos’ estranged wife.
Multiple police cars descended on Dulos’ luxury mansion in Farmington, Connecticut on Tuesday morning and took him into custody.
Dulos, 52, is charged with murder, felony murder, and kidnapping. Troconis, 45, is charged with conspiracy to commit murder.
Dulos’ friend and former civil attorney, Kent Douglas Mawhinney, 53, is also charged with conspiracy to commit murder. He was taken into custody on Tuesday after a warrant was issued for his arrest.
It comes eight months after the disappearance of Jennifer Dulos, who was last seen alive dropping their five kids off at school in May, amid a contentious divorce and custody battle with her husband. Her body has never been found.
Arrest warrants listed a slew of physical evidence, including trash bags and zip ties with Jennifer’s DNA.
As the warrants reveal ,  investigators are convinced that Jennifer is dead, considering a complete lack of financial and cell phone activity following her disappearance.
Crucially, extensive blood stains matching her DNA was discovered in her Land Rover and home.

Fotis Dulos 11.png
Fotis Dulos is led by police in Connecticut Tuesday after being arrested in the murder of his wife, Jennifer on May 24 in New Cannan, Ct. He is being held on $6million bail
 Jennifer Dulos 3Dulos is accused of kidnapping, restraining and killing his estranged wife murder, Jennifer Dulos [photo]. He was assisted by his girlfriend Michelle Troconis, police said. She is charged with conspiracy to commit murder
Michelle Troconis, [left] and Kent Mawhinney (right),1Dulos’ then girlfriend Michelle Troconis, [left], and  his former attorney, Kent Mawhinney [right], are charged with conspiracy to commit murder. Both allegedly helped  in the cover up

Dulos was seen being driven away in the front seat of a police car after his arrest.

Police also arrested his former girlfriend Michelle Troconis on murder related charges.
Dulos and Troconis had previously been charged with evidence tampering and obstruction in Jennifer’s disappearance.
Dulos’ criminal attorney has previously proposed that Kent Mawhinney could provide an alibi that cleared him of wrongdoing.

Evidence list in Dulos murder case 1.jpgA portion of the arrest warrant lists physical evidence gathered in the case, which all suggest that the missing mom-of-five may have been murdered
Jennifer Dulos rental home in New Canaan 1Blood evidence listed in the warrants tells of a trail of horror in Jennifer’s New Canaan home


The long list of circumstantial evidence in the Jennifer Dulos murder case has led investigators to conclude the missing woman was harmed. The arrest Warrant alleges that four zip ties were found with Jennifer’s DNA, suggesting she was held against her will before she died — forming the basis of the kidnapping charge.
The t
rash bags, gloves and other items were recovered with DNA and fingerprints that matched Jennifer, Dulos and Troconis in various combinations.
Furthermore, b
lood stains were found in Jennifer’s home and on her Land Rover, in amounts that suggested she could not have survived without medical attention, and hospitals have no record of treating her.

The victim’s bank accounts and phone show no activity after she disappeared the morning on May 24 .
Creating further suspicion, her estranged husband’s mistress, Michelle Troconis, told cops that
Fotis Dulos took her to a ‘creepy area’ to throw garbage in a dumpster. Thereafter Dulos and Troconis crafted ‘alibi lists’ that detailed their movements on on that day, May 24. However, the alibi lists did not include the trip where the duo dropped off trash in several places, around town.
Troconis initially claimed Kent Mawhinney gave Dulos an alibi for the murder. Mawhinney’s name appeared on alibi lists, and he gave conflicting statements, police said.
Speculating on the motive, the couple were in a contentious divorce and custody battle and Jennifer had moved out the couple’s luxury home and moved into a rental with their five children. 
Dulos living the high roller life style with his mistress, was $4.5 million dollars in debt and had maxed out several credit lines.
He was also fighting a $2.5 million lawsuit from Jennifer’s wealthy mother, leading investigators to believe there may have been a financial motive for the alleged murder.

Fotis Dulos [left] and Michelle Troconis [right] 4Fotis Dulos,[left], and his new girlfriend, Michelle Troconis,[right], allegedly were caught on camera ditching bags into garbage cans and dumpsters along a stretch of road, the day Jennifer went missing in May

Police have insinuated in charging documents that Dulos and Troconis disposed of garbage bags containing traces of Jennifer’s DNA the night that she disappeared.
They deny wrongdoing in the case and Dulos’ attorney vows to fight the murder charge.
Mawhinney represented Fotis Dulos in the $2.5 million lawsuits filed by his mother-in-law. He was involved in his own contentious divorce at the same time as Dulos was.
In August, Mawhinney was charged with violating the terms of a protective order by using Fotis Dulos to contact his own estranged wife in an attempt to arrange a meeting with her.
Mawhinney’s wife told police she believed Dulos was working with her estranged husband ‘to get rid of her,’ according an August arrest warrant.
Dulos briefly met with Mawhinney’s wife in West Hartford on May 19, according to the warrant, and then contacted her on May 20 and May 21 — three days before Jennifer vanished.
Mawhinney has previously declined to tell reporters whether he was at Dulos’ Farmington home on May 24, the day Jennifer was reported missing.

Fotis Dulos (left) and Jennifer Dulos 4Fotis Dulos [left)] has previously been charged with evidence tampering in his wife Jennifer’s [right] disappearance. He is charged with murder after police said he killed her. The couple who had been married for thirteen years, and shared five children were rowing over custody during their bitter divorce 

An arrest warrant lists substantial evidence police have compiled in the case, including
surveillance video showing Fotis Dulos in Hartford disposing bags of items containing Jennifer Dulos’ blood, traffic and school bus camera footage of him driving a red pickup truck he borrowed from one of his workers to New Canaan on the morning she disappeared, surveillance video of Dulos getting the truck washed and detailed days after she vanished; and evidence that Jennifer Dulos’ DNA was found on the truck seat.
State’s Attorney Richard Colangelo Jr. said in court last year that Jennifer Dulos’ blood was found mixed with Fotis Dulos’ DNA on the kitchen sink faucet of her home in New Canaan.
Dulos and Troconis are expected to face arraignment on Wednesday in Stamford.
Dulos is being held in lieu of a $6 million bail.
Bail for both Troconis and Mawhinney has been set at $2 million.

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