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Ex-NFL star Chris Johnson is accused, but not charged, in murder-for-hire plot to kill two men he blamed for shooting him and killing his friend in 2015 drive by shooting

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Ex-NFL star Chris Johnson accused of involvement in ‘murder-for-hire plot’ 
Former Tennessee Titans star Chris Johnson, 34, allegedly paid a gang member to kill two men he blamed for shooting him and killing his friend in Orlando, Fla., 2015 
The running back was shot in the shoulder, his friend, Dreekius Johnson, 28, driving the NFL star’s jeep was shot in the head and died 
Another man, Reggie Johnson, shot in the arm and leg also survived
The three victims, Chris Johnson, Dreekius Johnson, Reggie, and Chris Johnson, reportedly are not related, but were childhood friends
Although Chris Johnson, 34, has not been formally charged, TMZ reported Thursday that prosecutors believe he paid Dominic Bolden for the murders
Bolden, who was shot to death in January, allegedly killed his targets in separate incidents in 2016  after which Chris Johnson funded and aided his rise in a drug gang
Law enforcement officials who complained the injured athlete was ‘uncooperative’ at the time, now believe the shooting was a “gang related murder attempt” on his person
A Chris Johnson spokesman said there is ‘no validity to any of these accusations 
Dominic Bolden (left) and Dreekius Johnson (right) 1Ex-con Dominic Bolden [left], whose priors included being accused of first-degree murder and attempted home-invasion robbery, allegedly was hired to avenge the 2015 shooting that left Jones injured and killed Dreekius Johnson [right]. Bolden himself was shot and killed in Florida last January

The shooting happened near the intersection of Southland Boulevard and South Orange Blossom Trail, in Orlando around 4 a.m. Sunday on March 9, 2015.

Dreekius Johnson, 28, was found fatally shot in a gold Jeep.
His childhood friends, 30-year-old Reggie Johnson and 29-year-old Chris Johnson, were found shot on the sidewalk nearby, according to investigators. the three men all named  Johnson were not related but were childhood friends.
Johnson, 34, has not been charged with a crime but prosecutors believe he paid a “noted Florida gang member” named Dominic Bolden to kill the suspected gunmen in the 2015 drive-by shooting.
While Chris Johnson, a three-time Pro Bowler who last played in 2017 for Arizona, made a full recovery. The driver of his Jeep, Dreekius Oricko Johnson, died after being shot in the head.
The third victim Reggie Johnson, 29, survived after being shot in the shoulder, hand and leg. Police at the time said Johnson was “uncooperative” and investigators suspected the vehicle had been targeted.
Law enforcement officials now believe the shooting was a “gang related murder attempt” on Johnson.
After Bolden allegedly gunned down the suspected Orlando shooters in return Johnson helped Bolden lead a drug trafficking organization and provided him “funds and an individual” who could supply him with narcotics for the drug trafficking organization, an informant told authorities.
The alleged “murder for hire” scheme boosted Bolden’s rank and rep within the drug trafficking organization, ultimately making him its “de facto leader,” the informant said.


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