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South Carolina man shoots dead girlfriend and her two daughters who tried to intervene, before killing himself at their home, after she told him it was over and she had moved on with someone else

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Gabriel Jordan first started choking mother-of-four Shanta Singleton outside the home they shared in St. Mathews, South Carolina after she told him it was over and she had a new boyfriend
Singleton and Jordan were live-in lovers, but Sunday when she informed him she was moving he snapped and the situation esxcalated to triple murder-suicide
Jordan, 37, shot dead his girlfriend and her two daughters who tried to intervene, before killing himself, because he was jealous she’d gone to the beach with another man
Jordan shot  Shanta Renee Singleton, 37, when one of  her daughters tried to defend their mother
Tre´vay Stroman, 12, jumped on Jordan’s back and he shot and killed her, next he shot 18-year-old Shantasia Stroman in the arm, but she has recovered
As the teen ran to a neighbor’s house for help, she saw Jordan with his gun chasing her sister Essence into the house 
15-year-old Essence Stroman  was later found dead from gunshot wounds inside the home
As Shantasia Stroman fled the scene to get help, Jordan chased after her
An armed neighbor confronted Jordan and told him to leave but soon after heard gunshots and sirens 
Jordan’s was body found outside, with a pistol on the ground near his legs 
Gabriel Derell Jordan died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, police said

A man who shot and killed a woman and two of her daughters on Sunday in South Carolina before killing himself was angry that his one-time girlfriend had gone to the beach with another man, authorities said.
Gabriel Jordan, 37, first started choking Shanta Singleton, 37, outside the home in St. Matthews, but shot her after one of the daughters tried to come help her mother, according to a police report obtained by The Times and Democrat of Orangeburg.
Tre’vay Stroman, 12, jumped on Jordan’s back and he shot her during the incident which occurred before 7pm on Sunday. Then he shot 18-year-old Shantasia Stroman in the arm, Calhoun County deputies said.
Shantasia was treated for her gunshot wound and later released from hospital. Shanta Singleton’s 13-year-old daughter also was at the home but wasn’t physically hurt, authorities said.

The argument began outside of the residence and Singleton told Jordan their relationship was finished and that she had moved on to a new boyfriend. One of the children told police that Jordan became irate and ran inside the home and retrieved a gun.
Jordan told the children to go inside, and then attacked her, Summers said.
The children could see their mother being choked by a shed in the back yard.
As the teen ran away, she saw Jordan with his gun chasing her 15-year-old sister Essence into the house, according to the report.
A neighbor who lived behind the home heard gunshots so left his home and walked toward the incident. On the way he saw Shantasia, who said Jordan was shooting everyone.

The neighbor told Shantasia to wait at his home but she fled to another neighbor to get help.
The neighbor approached Jordan, telling him to go home. He said he soon heard two more gunshots and police arriving.
Cops said they received a call around 6.53pm.
Deputies found Essence Stroman dead inside a bedroom Sunday evening. The bodies of Shanta Singleton and Tre´vay Stroman were outside next to a gold Honda Accord. Jordan’s body was nearby, with a pistol on the ground between his legs, deputies said.
Jordan, 37, killed himself, the sheriff and Calhoun County Coroner Donnie Porth agreed. The bodies are to undergo autopsy in the coming days.
Jordan and Shanta Singleton had dated on and off for years.
Summers called it a ‘domestic violence argument that went really bad’.

According to the police report he is still registered to the same address as the victims. Singleton registered at the address a year ago.
A Bugleflower Lane neighbor – who didn’t know the victims well but knew Singleton’s mother, grandmother and extended family – said, ‘It’s just sad.’
‘I really can’t even process what happened,’ Linda Grant said. ‘It’s bad enough when adults are involved, but when children are involved, that’s just hard to break it.’
‘I know that the family is a good family. She comes from a good family.’
‘Shanta was a very hardworking and dedicated mother. Her children were a reflection of that love and devotion to their well-being and their losses will be felt by many,’ attorney Chasity Avinger said.
Avinger is a court-appointed guardian ad litem [GAL], for one of the children.

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