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White bar owner Jake Gardner was heard yelling ‘n****r lover’ as he gunned down Black Lives Matter protester, James Scurlock, 22, outside his bar on Saturday – after a day of protests in Omaha

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22-year-old Black male shot dead on a sidewalk ‘by a a man who taunted demonstrators by yelling ‘n****r lover’ in Nebraska on Saturday
Black Lives Matter protester James Scurlock, 22, was shot dead outside a bar in Omaha, Nebraska by a shooter later identified as the 38-year-old bar owner,Jake Gardner
Shooting took place outside The Hive Bar  in Omaha, Nebraska on Saturday before 11pm – after protests ended according to mayor Jean Stothert
Video shows Scurlock standing outside the bar before 11pm then two loud gunshots are heard
During the clip, a witness is heard warning Scurlock that the shooter has a gun, and yells ‘it’s not worth it’
Locals claimed Scurlock was defending himself after the shooter taunted protesters by shouting ‘n****r lover’ 
Cops took into custody Gardner a former marine with several gun related charges in his past
Charges have not been announced 
James Scurlock 2
Footage circulating on social media shows James Scurlock, a  22-year-old black ma- being gunned down by Jake Gardner after protests had ended in Omaha, Nebraska on Saturday night. Gardner who is white was yelling yelling ‘n****r lover’ as he pulled the trigger

A Black Lives Matter demonstrator has been shot dead outside a bar in Omaha, Nebraska following a night of protests on Saturday.
Footage circulating on social media shows James Scurlock, 22 – who is black – being gunned down by a man – who is white – outside the Hive Bar.
The shooter was later identified as 38-year-old owner of The Hive, Jake Gardner.
James Scurlock reportedly died trying to protect himself from Gardner.
Bar owner Garner allegedly taunted the group of young protesters before stepping out to the sidewalk to confront them with a gun.

Police said they responded to the scene at approximately 11.01pm after officers reported hearing shots fired: ‘Upon officers’ arrival to the scene of 1207 Harney Street, they found a male suffering from a gunshot wound,’ Omaha Police Department said in a statement. ‘The male was transported to the Nebraska Medical Center where he succumbed to his injury.’
‘The Omaha Police Department is not currently looking for any suspects,’ OPD added. ‘Investigators are in the process of reviewing all collected evidence, video, witness interviews and conferring with the Douglas County Attorney’s office.’
Police initially said Saturday night that the suspect was at large but soon after they tweeted that the shooter was in custody.
On Sunday afternoon Police Chief Todd Schmaderer said the shooter was still detained but that any booking or ‘charging decision on that front will come from the county attorney’s office’.
Schmaderer added: ‘And he tells me that will be accompanied by a press conference.’
OPD said no police officers were involved in the shooting.
Witnesses claim the shooter ‘taunted’ protesters and went out to the sidewalk yelling ‘n****r lover’. From the video, it’s unclear what happened before the shots were fired but witnesses claim Scurlock – who was with his brother – jumped on the shooter’s back to stop him from using his weapon.

Jake Gardner with Eric Trump 1The Hive owner Jake Gardner [left], with Eric Trump, the president’s second son
Black Lives Matter protester confront police in Omaha, NebraskaMembers of  Black Lives Matter movement confront police during the protests on the streets of Omaha on Friday
James Scurlock killing 1Post on Twitter claims Gardner was taunting protesters minutes before he shot  James Scurlock on Saturday 
Post on Jake Gardner 1Bar owner Jake Gardner is accused of having multiple prior gun charges in a Facebook post

Taken into custody on Saturday Jake Gardner, the Omaha bar owner who killed James Scurlock last night, has had multiple gun charges on his record, according to a post on Facebook.
These charges allegedly,  were dropped or pled down to lesser offenses over the years.
In 2011, a charge of carrying a concealed weapon was reduced to disturbing the peace. In 2013, charges of failing to inform an officer of a concealed handgun, assault and battery, and damage to property were dropped and he was found guilty of disorderly conduct.
The poster notes that none of these charges impacted Gardner’s ability to legally own a gun in Nebraska or procure a liquor license for his bars.
The bar reportedly was supposed to have been open in keeping with the state’s COVID lockdown regulations
Furthermore Gardner was in possession of a gun in a bar which is illegal in Nebraska.

‘May you Rest In Peace James.’
By contrast the GoFundMe for Gardner says he is a former Marine who was “forced to defend himself” Saturday night, and set a goal for $10,000 raised $100 before the page was taken down. It was seeking ‘your assistance and support’ for his anticipated legal fees
It is not clear why it was taken down.

Jake Gardner GofundMe 2GoFundMe defense fund set for Jake Gardner so far has raised $100 of the $10,000 target

On Sunday afternoon, Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert said that protest were peaceful but following the demonstrations groups started destroying businesses. Police said the majority of people arrested on Saturday were white.
According to witnesses, Scurlock was killed outside a business that had been damaged earlier in the night.
The shooter, bar owner Jake Gardner was taken into custody on Saturday but it has not clear whether he is charged with a crime or in protective custody.

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