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Louisville police fires only ONE of the three cops involved in Breonna Taylor’s killing during botched ‘no knock’ raid, as city authorities stall on the investigation and FBI takes a ‘fresh look’ at evidence

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Officer Brett Hankison who allegedly obtained the controversial no knock search warrant that resulted in police killing of Breonna Taylor, was  fired by Louisville Police Dept. Friday
Hankison is one of the three police officers involved in Breonna Taylor’s killing during botched ‘no knock’ raid in March – has been fired from the Louisville Police Dept, just as FBI is set to take a ‘fresh look’ at evidence and searches her apartment
Hankison along with Jonathan Mattingly and Myles Cosgrave entered Taylor’s apt in the early hours of a morning in March
Taylor was in bed with her boyfriend, who opened fire on the intruders believing it was a home invasion
They were in plain clothes and claimed to be carrying out a ‘no knock’ warrant
City authorities would not say why Hankison had been fired and the two others hadn’t. However, Hankison has also been accused of sexually assault inside his squad car by two women, in separate incidents
None have been charged despite growing calls from the public for them to be arrested 
The FBI started searching Breonna’s apartment on Friday to take a ‘fresh look’ at any potential evidence as part of its investigation  
Brett Hankison and Breonna Taylor 1Officer Brett Hankison [left], has been fired by the  Louisville Police Dept.  Hankison was one of three cops involved in Breonna Taylor’s death in March has been fired, the Louisville Mayor announced on Friday

One of the three police officers involved in Breonna Taylor’s killing is being fired, the Louisville Mayor announced on Friday, but the Kentucky Attorney General is still weighing whether or not to bring charges.
Brett Hankison – who had previously been accused of sexual assault on the job – has been fired.
The other two cops – Jonathan Mattingly and Myles Cosgrave – have not been fired.
The Mayor refused to say why Hankison had been fired over the other two.
The announcement came as FBI agents searched Breonna’s home for evidence as part of their revived investigation.’Unfortunately, due to a provision in state law that I would very much like to see changed, both the chief and I are precluded from talking about what brought us to this moment or even the timing of this decision,’ he said at a Friday press conference.
It came after the Kentucky AG said on Thursday that he was still investigating the case and that he hadn’t yet decided on charges.
Taylor, 26, was shot dead in March when three plain clothes officers performed a no-knock arrest warrant at her apartment in Louisville.
The officers said they were investigating drugs offenses and that Taylor’s boyfriend opened fire on them when they entered.

Breonna Taylor's apt in Lousiville, Ky 1FBI officers were seen at Breonna Taylor’s apt on Friday as they pursued their investigations
Her family say neither she – a hardworking EMT – nor her boyfriend used drugs and that he fired his gun because he thought the three plain clothes officers were intruders. 

On Friday afternoon, the family lawyer told CNN they welcomed the officer’s firing but that they wanted to see the other two police officers fired, and ultimately all three prosecuted.
‘I don’t know why it’s happening now. We are happy that it’s happening now.
‘We still want the other officers involved in Breonna’s murder terminated as well and we still want them prosecuted,’ Lonita Baker said.
AG Daniel Cameron said his office had still not yet decided on whether or not charges should be brought.
‘Our office is undertaking a thorough and fair investigation.
‘We are working around the clock to follow the law to the truth. everyone involved in this case deserves nothing less.
‘An investigation of this magnitude requires time and patience…however I can assure you, that at the end of our investigation, we will do what is right. We will find the truth,’ he said.

When asked about the letter that was addressed to him by Beyonce which demanded transparency in the case, he said it meant nothing more to him that it came from a celebrity than a member of the public, and that he is committed to justice.
‘Whether it’s a celebrity or Kentuckian or any interested party.
‘I take great care and concern in every letter we receive and completely understand the interest surrounding his case.
‘It doesn’t matter who sends me a piece of mail, it won’t have any bearing on the case.
‘Our responsibility is to the facts and the law.’ he said.
Earlier this week, Louisville PD released a heavily redacted incident report which said she had no injuries despite her having been shot eight times and found in a pool of blood, according to witnesses.

Jonathan Mattingly [left], and Myles Cosgrove 3Two other officers involved in the raid o Breonna Taylor’s home – Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly [left] and Myles Cosgrove remain employed with the dept. They were executing a ‘no knock’ warrant supposedly as part of a a drug investigation 
Daniel Cameron 1Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron [photo], on Thursday announced that he is yet to decide if he should bring charges in the Taylor case, adding that his investigation was ongoing  
Margo Borders (left) and Emily Terry (right) 1Margo Borders [left] and Emily Terry [right] both accused officer Brett Hankison of sexual assault. The acts purportedly happened inside his police cruiser after he picked up each victim on the pretext of an arrest. They shared their stories on social media 

Now, the family says the city is deliberately ignoring subpoenas for records relating to her death that were requested as part of a lawsuit filed by Breonna’s mother, Tamika Palmer, in April.
In a press release issued on Tuesday, Ben Crump – who is also representing the family of Ahmaud Arbery, the unarmed 26-year-old shot dead by two white vigilantes in Georgia – said the city is refusing to turn over subpoenaed records.
Friday marked a deadline for the coroner’s office to hand over Breonna’s autopsy along with its communications with the government, and for the police to to hand over personnel files and sign in and out sheets for the three cops involved.

But none of the documents have been handed over and, Crump claims, Mayor Fischer directed the departments to only give them to the city’s lawyers and not Breonna’s family’s.
‘To date, Tamika and the community have been left in the dark,’ a statement issued by Crump on behalf of the family read.
He went on to say that Louisville had done the least of any of the police departments in the country since the Black Lives Movement gathered steam and swept the nation, partly due to Breonna’s death.
‘Of all the cities dealing with the tragedies of officer-involved shootings and violence inflicted upon black lives, Louisville’s administration has been the least transparent, the slowest and the most frustrating.

Breonna Taylor 11Breonna Taylor was shot and killed in her own apartment on March 13 but many of the details around her death remain unknown because the Louisville Police Dept has not made records public

Breonna Taylor was shot and killed in her own apartment on March 13 but many of the details around her death remain unknown because the Louisville Police Department has not made records public

‘This administration simply believes it is above the law.
‘This silence has gone on for far too long.
‘You know what happened. You were there or you’ve otherwise been told.
‘Your silence is complicity.
‘Your honesty and decision to speak out against these actions and against racism will help rebuild this city and unite us all,’ the statement went on.
Mayor Fischer’s office has not yet responded to their comments.
The police department sparked outrage by releasing a highly redacted report which claimed Breonna suffered ‘no injuries’.
The lack of transparency from the police department has prompted widespread outrage.
Earlier this week, Beyonce wrote to the Kentucky Attorney General demanding more answers.




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