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Bodycam footage showing two cops tasing a naked Oklahoma man 53 TIMES, as he lay on the ground, is released days after the officers, Joshua Taylor and Brandon Dingman, are charged with murder

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WARNING: Graphic Content
Video released by family of Jared Lakey shows two police officers from Wilson, Oklahoma deploying Tasers against him 53 times in four minutes a year ago
Officers Brandon Dingman, 34, and Joshua Taylor, 25, first came into contact with Lakey after responding to a call that he was acting in a disorderly way by running naked outside and screaming
Lakey, 28, was found running naked and screaming on July 4, 2019 – He died two days after his arrest, from heart attack coupled with being tased
Bodycam footage showing the two cops tasing the naked Oklahoma man as he lay on the ground was released days after officers were charged with murder
Investigators said Lakey would not cooperate peacefully with commands
Brandon Dingman and Joshua Taylor were charged this month with second-degree murder on July 1
Attorneys for the family say video shows the officers used their Tasers simultaneously on Lakey
 The manufacturer of the stun gun warns against using it for more than 15 seconds, or deploying multiple devices on the same person at the same time, which could result in death
Court documents state that the ‘ use of stun guns ‘ by the two officers greatly exceeded what would have been necessary or warranted by the attendant circumstances,’ and was a ‘substantial factor’ in Lakey’s death
If convicted, each faces 10 years to life in prison
Jared Lakey 3Video shows Lakey failing to comply with the officers’ commands to put his hands behind his back, but family’s lawyers say he was not resisting. Another deputy arrives, puts Lakey in a chokehold for 40 seconds, until he loses consciousness. Lakey is heard struggling for breath
Jared Lakey 2The officers’ use of stun guns ‘greatly exceeded what would have been necessary or warranted by the attendant circumstances,’ and was a ‘substantial factor’ in Lakey’s death, according to court docs  

Later, the cops are heard talking among themselves about the incident and speculating that based on his behavior, Lakey must be high of the drug PCP – a claim that proved to be unfounded.
Lakey stopped breathing a short time later, but according to the attorneys, the officers on the scene failed to render medical aid for more than three minutes.
He was eventually hospitalized and died on July 6. A medical examiner concluded that the 28-year-old died from a heart attack coupled with police use of an ‘electrical weapon.’
His toxicology report found that Lakey had no illegal drugs in his system.


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