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Right or Wrong? Georgia authorities charge dad ‘after beating a 20-year-old man he found in his 14-year-old daughter’s bedroom, knocking out his teeth and firing a gun as the intruder fled’

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Ismael Casillas Of Coweta County, Georgia is charged ‘after beating a 20-year-old man he found in his 14-year-old daughter’s bedroom, in the early hours of July 4
Casillas, 41, charged with aggravated assault targeting 20-year-old Keywontrezes Humphries resulting from ‘firing a gun as the intruder fled’
Humphries, nicknamed ‘Man Man,’ had jumped out of the window after Casillas caught him in his teen daughter’s bedroom at the family’s home in Coweta
Casillas caught with the intruder in the driveway and continued the beating
The irate dad is accused of beating up Humphries, knocking out several of his teeth and firing his gun at Humphries as he fled down the street 
Casillas’ wife wrote online their daughter met Humphries online playing Xbox, and the man allegedly drove two hours to visit her 
Humphries charged with child molestation for allegedly having sexual relationship with a minor girl  
Ismael Casillas, and his daughter 1Did Humphries present a threat when a home owner fire a gun at his fleeing form? Ismael Casillas, seen with a girl [photo], believed to be his daughter, beat up the intruder he caught in his daughter’s room. Knocked out several of Humphries’ teeth and fired his gun as the man fled the home

But then Casillas went a step farther by allegedly asking his wife to bring him his gun.
Humphries jumped out of a bedroom window in an effort to escape, but Casillas was waiting for him in the front yard, where the beating continued, according to investigators.
The aggrieved parent allegedly threatened Humphries’ life and fired shots as the bloodied and bruised 20-year-old fled down the street.
Georgia law allows homeowners to use force to defend themselves and their families from intruders, but only so long as they present a threat. 

Humphries, who goes by the nickname ‘Man Man,’ was also arrested and charged with child molestation for allegedly being in a sexual relationship with the 14-year-old.
He could face additional charges as the investigation continues.
Meanwhile, Casillas’ wife, Kristy Michelle Casillas, has launched a GoFundMe campaign to help cover her husband’s legal fees.
She wrote in the description that their 14-year-old daughter first met Humphries online while playing Xbox, and that he drove two hours to the family’s home to visit her.
‘She is not innocent either but he was 20 and she was 14, she is not mature enough to understand what she did,’ the mother wrote. ‘My husband did what anyone else would have done.’

GoFundme by Kristy Casillas‘We have the right to stand our ground!’: Kristy Casillas has launched this fundraiser to help with Ismael’s legal fees  Kristy Casillas [center], wrote online that their daughter first met Humphries [right], playing Xbox online. Her husband did not know whether the man had just raped their child, or whether he was trying to kidnap her  – Law enforcement officials have pointed out that Ismael Casillas [left] opened fire as Humphries was running away. Humphries has been charged with child molestation for allegedly having a sexual relationship with a minor

On the GoFundMe page Kristy Casillas created she laments:
‘Now Our GOFUNDME ACCOUNT  is gone!!’
‘We LOST all of our donations!!’
She adds ‘Please help if you can, my husband is charged with 2 felonies for Protecting our home and our 14 yr old daughter! We have the right to stand our ground! If anyone sneaks thru a window to enter a home, You know you are Not supposed to be there PERIOD! If you hide your car at the Neighbor’s house you KNOW you are not supposed to be there!’
According to Kristy Casillas her husband did not know whether the intruder had just raped their daughter, whether he was trying to abduct her, or whether it was a home invasion in progress.
‘We had no idea who this man was or why he was in our home until he sped off down the drive way and we spoke to our daughter,’ she argued.
‘Then they arrest my husband for standing his ground and protecting his family.’

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