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Martha’s Vineyard man is found dead, his throat crushed by stomping, in his Florida hotel room – homeless convicted killer who was staying there as part of city’s efforts to stop coronavirus is charged with murder

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Charles Morgan was a carpenter and builder from Martha’s Vineyard was found dead with multiple stab wounds and his throat crushed in his Florida hotel room on Sunday
Earlier Morgan, 59, was heard arguing with a homeless convicted killer who was staying there as part of city’s public safety efforts 
Alphonso Washington, 59, is charged with murdering the Massachusetts father-of-one by stomping on his throat at a Florida hotel
Morgan was on his way to visit family when he stopped off at Dania Beach hotel because of bad weather and crossed paths with his alleged killer 
Washington had been staying at Roadway Inn & Suites along with other homeless people as part of program to stop spread of COVID-19 
In the brutal slaying, the killer crushed Morgan’s larynx, cut him and struck him on the head
Morgan’s larynx was crushed so severely that it would have had to be caused by ‘using a shoe and stomping on a person’s throat,’ police said 
Washington’s lengthy record includes conviction for killing a woman in Homestead in 1985 

Meanwhile Washington had been seen following the victim that morning, and just after 10am, he got into an argument with Morgan, who was sitting outside his room on a chair, the report said.
Surveillance video from the hotel skips at that point, but police believe the men entered the room together. At 10.13am, Washington is seen leaving the room, sitting in the chair outside, and then pacing around the area until almost 11am.
Around that time, a housekeeper passed by and overheard an argument between two men. She told investigators she recognized Washington’s voice from previous interactions with him.
The video shows Washington leaving room 3104 at almost 12.30pm, carrying a blue bag.
Morgan was found naked in the hotel room bathroom later that day. His larynx was crushed so severely that it would have had to be caused by ‘using a shoe and stomping on a person’s throat,’ the arrest report said.
The medical examiner who performed Morgan’s autopsy also concluded that he sustained a severe blunt force trauma to the head.
According to a complaint affidavit, police initially believed Morgan’s death may have been self-inflicted, but upon closer examination they concluded that he was the victim of a homicide.

Charles Morgan, with his wife, Jackie, and daughter, Mary, at her 2019 high school graduation. Charles Morgan, of Martha’s Vineyard 1The victim Charles Morgan, seen [left] with his daughter Mary and his wife, Jackie, at Mary’s 2019 high school graduation  

The document lists the many wounds the victim had sustained, including lacerations to his neck, chin, leg and groin.
‘There was also an unknown black object lodged in the victim’s anal cavity,’ the document stated.
For three days Alphonso Washington was on not seen until Wednesday, when Broward sheriff’s deputies found him hiding in his Dania Beach hotel room and booked him on a murder charge.
Washington’s roommate told investigators the suspect washed his clothes in the sink before leaving with an iPad that he had never seen before. Police searched the room and found a white face mask with ‘Martha’s Vineyard’ imprinted on it.
During his police interview Washington said Morgan had brought marijuana to the room and hugged him, but denied killing him.
Washington was booked into the Broward County Jail on charges of murder and parole violation. He appeared in court last Thursday and was ordered held without bond.

The motive for the killing remains unclear.
Court records show Washington has a lengthy criminal history, including a conviction for killing a woman in Homestead in 1985.
Washington was staying at the hotel in Dania Beach after Fort Lauderdale handed out free vouchers in May to get homeless people off the street to help stop the spread of coronavirus, which has been ravaging Florida in recent months.

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