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Local farmer, 28, confessed to killing missing Arkansas jogger, as it’s revealed Quake Lewellyn was ‘familiar’ with his victim, 25-year-old Sydney Sutherland

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Sydney Sutherland was found dead near her home in Newport, Arkansas Friday

The avid jogger was last seen going for a run near her home onWednesday, Aug 15

Quake Lewellyn, a 28-year-old local farmer, was taking into custody, hours after the body was found, and allegedly has confessed to killing the 25-year-old nurse

Quake Lewellyn it has been revealed, was ‘familiar’ with his victim

Lewellyn, was charged with one count murder. He is scheduled for arraignment in court on Monday 

Sydney Sutherland [left], was found murdered near her home in Newport, Arkansas on Friday, Aug 21. Quake Lewellyn, [right] a farmer from Jonesboro, was arrested the same day and charged in connection to her death

An Arkansas farmer who reportedly ‘confessed’ to murdering a jogger he was said to have been ‘familiar’ with had won the county’s Family of the Year in 2016. 
Quake Lewellyn, 28, was charged with one count of capital murder after the body of Sydney Sutherland, 25, was discovered in Newport on Friday, according to online court records. 
Lewellyn is said to have confessed to the crime, according to the parents of Sydney Sutherland’s boyfriend Alex. Cathy Hood wrote: ‘They have arrested the person that has committed this horrible crime. He has admitted doing this. Also pray for his family as they have to face what has happened.’

Still from Ring footage is believed to be the last picture of Sutherland and was taken just 90 minutes before she went on a run near her home Wednesday, Aug 15

Police found Sutherland’s body following a three-day search operation using K-9 units and helicopter crews. She was last seen running on State Hwy 18 between Newport and Grubbs around 3pm on Wednesday.
Jackson County Sheriff David Lucas confirmed a man has been arrested in connection to her death and is expected to be charged with homicide, Fox 16 had reported.
Details on where exactly Sutherland’s body was found and how she was killed were not immediately released.  
‘We do have a suspect in custody at this time. However I can’t release his name until he’s formally charged,’ Lucas said in a press conference. 
He was later identified by local news station KARK 4 on Saturday as Lewellyn. 

Sutherland, a nurse was last seen running on State Hwy 18 near her home at around 3pm on Wednesday

He has been charged with one count of capital murder, according to online jail booking records cited by the outlet. 
Footage from local media showed Lewellyn in handcuffs and being taken into the Arkansas State Police Headquarters in Newport on Friday.  
Police said the man is a farmer from Jonesboro and was known to the victim, but the nature of their relationship is unclear. 

Quake Lewellyn the suspect in the Sydney Sutherland case has been booked on a Capital Murder charge. He was taken into custody on Friday, a day after her body was discovered in an open field

Prior to Friday, police had discovered Sutherland’s iPhone about a quarter-mile from her home.
She was reported to have gone on running with her phone and Apple Watch. Her body was found near her home on Friday however further details on where she was murdered and how she died were not immediately released

Sutherland’s body was found near her home on Friday

A UPS driver reported to have seen Sutherland jogging in the area of Jackson County Road 41. 
Other reports of a Texas truck being seen in the area were dismissed by police who said the rumor was damaging the investigation.  
On Thursday, a relative shared what is now believed to be the last picture of Sutherland, taken from Ring footage at their house not long before she went on her run. 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Sydney-Sutherland-right-and-her-boyfriend-1.jpg
Sutherland [right] lived with her boyfriend, [left], and worked as a nurse at Harris Medical Center

She is seen in pink sneakers, black shorts and a white tank top moving items on the trunk of a car.
Her car and other items remained at home as she went on her run and she was reported missing on Wednesday evening when she didn’t return. 
‘This was at 1pm on Aug 19, at our house. She went for a walk around 230pm by her house on HWY 18. Please help us find our sassy!!’ wrote Summer Sutherland.  
Her remains were found the next day just north of her home and the suspect was taken into custody a short time later.
The sheriff’s office has not revealed how they identified the suspect or if evidence was found at the scene.  
According to FOX16, the State Medical Examiners Office confirmed the identity of the body found Friday as Sydney Sutherland through DNA.  
Her body has been sent to Arkansas Crime Lab as the investigation continues. 
A bond hearing and arraignment may be as soon as Monday as after prosecutor Henry Boyce reviews the case and decides on formal charges, FOX16 states. 
Sutherland worked as a nurse, according to her Facebook page, and lived with her boyfriend. She was described by her coworkers as bright and outgoing

Authorities confirmed there was no indication Sunderland [left], was having issues with her boyfriend [right], when the search vanished 

She regularly jogged along the highway near her home.
The sheriff confirmed there was no indication of any issues with her boyfriend when the search was launched. 
According to investigators, Sutherland did have her phone and her Apple Watch with her. Her phone was later found on Thursday, August 20. The sheriff did say AT&T received pings from her phone in that area.
She worked at Harris Medical Center in Newport, where co-workers described her as bright and outgoing.
‘She’s very close to her family,’ her co-worker Jennifer Eddington told WMC5 before she was found. 
‘We just know that she wouldn’t leave on her own without contacting somebody, that’s not her nature at all.’ 
The sheriff has praised the local efforts in the search for Sutherland in what was a ‘very tragic case’. 
‘It’s taken a toll, it really has,’ he said. 
‘Just because I know the people of this county. I know this family personally. I know this young lady personally. I’ve known her and watched her grow up. It hits me personally.’

Jackson County Sheriff David Sheriff Lucas said he knew Sutherland personally and described her death as ‘tragic’

Lewellyn is scheduled to appear at 2 p.m. Monday for a first appearance in Jackson County Circuit Court in Newport in front of Circuit Judge Harold Erwin.

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