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Bodies uncovered by snowplow driver in California identified as William and Yesenia Larsen – Husband and wife linked to the June disappearance of another man during a $400K drug deal

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Murdered couple uncovered by snowplow driver have been identified as California husband and wife linked to the disappearance of another man during a $400K drug deal in June

Cal Trans snowplow driver discovered bodies on the shoulder of US 395 outside Bridgeport, California, early Monday

Victims identified Friday as William Larsen, 35, and his wife, Yesenia Larsen, 30 from Burbank, 400 miles away

The bodies had been on the road for less than a day before discovery

Mono County Sheriff’s Office said couple were murdered and the killings appear to be ‘specific and targeted’

William Larsen has been linked to June disappearance of Jered Stefansky involving a $400,000 marijuana transaction

The Larsens both had criminal records in Pennsylvania involving marijuana possession with intent to sell

US 395 is blocked to traffic after a Cal Trans snowplow driver on Monday discovered the bodies of William and Yesenia Larsen who had been murdered on the shoulder outside Bridgeport, California

A dead bodies of a man and woman were uncovered by a snowplow on a remote stretch of US 395 in the eastern Sierra Nevada earlier this week have been identified as those of a husband and wife couple from Southern California.
The bodies were found before dawn Monday on the shoulder of the highway by a Cal Trans snowplow driver clearing the lanes about 10 miles north of the tiny community of Bridgeport.
The victims on Thursday were positively identified as a married couple from Burbank, William Adrian Larsen, 35, and Yesenia Larsen, 30, shortly before 6:30 for an investigation by the Mono County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release. 

The man found dead on Monday is convicted drug dealer William Larsen,who has been linked to the disappearance of Jered Stefansky [photo] during a $400,000 marijuana deal, six months ago

The discovery came after the first storms of the season moved through California, bringing significant snowfall to the Sierra.
Sheriff’s spokesperson Sarah Roberts on Friday that the Larsens’ bodies had been on the shoulder of the road for less than 24 hours before they were discovered. 
Investigators previously said the couple had been murdered in a ‘specific and targeted’ attack. 
William Larsen was reportedly involved in the disappearance of 26-year-old Jered Stefansky, from Redding, California, back in June. 
According to an article and video published by 420 Magazine, Larsen allegedly set up a $400,000 marijuana deal involving Stefansky, who has been missing since June 19. 
In the video, Stefansky’s mother, Sheila Sharpe, said her son left Redding in June to drive to Carson City, Nevada, but never made it there and has not been seen or heard from in six months.  
The distraught mother said she hired a private investigator who identified William Larsen and another man as the people her son was supposed to meet in Carson City to complete the marijuana deal.
The Mono County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman said authorities are ‘pretty positive’ the Larsens had been executed at the spot where they were found. 
The Cal Trans employee who made the grisly discovery contacted the authorities and the highway was immediately closed to traffic. 
Responding immediately assessed the deaths were likely homicides, the Mono County Sheriff’s Office said in a press release.
‘It can be confirmed that neither are local to Mono County or surrounding areas. The crime appears to be specific and targeted, and there is no threat to the community of Bridgeport,’ the statement read. 

Jered Stefansky who remains missing, left Redding, California, on June 19 for Carson City, Nevada, allegedly to meet with William Larsen and another man in a large marijuana deal, his mother said 

In July 2018, Burbank, California, residents William Adrian Larsen and Yesenia Arriaga were charged with felony drug possession distribution. Larsen pled guilty to Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Deliver. Yesenia Arriaga entered Accelerated Rehabilitation Disposition (ARD) and successfully completed that program.
A $2,500 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest in connection to killings.  
Anyone with any information regarding this investigation is being asked to call the Mono County Sheriff’s Office at 760-932-7549. 

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