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Columbus cop Adam Coy is seen shooting Andre Hill, an unarmed black man, six seconds after he emerged from his friend’s garage holding only a phone – and provides no assistance before an ambulance arrived

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Bodycam footage shows Ohio police officer shooting dead unarmed, non-theatening black man a few seconds after responding to a call

Andre Hill, 47, was at his friend’s home in Columbus, Ohio, in the early hours of Tuesday morning when a neighbor called 911 reporting a suspicious vehicle outside the friend’s house

Officer Adam Coy, a 17-year veteran of Columbus PD who responded, opened fire six seconds after spotting Hill

Hill who was emerging from the garage, was walking towards Coy holding up a cell phone in one hand – the other hand was empty

Coy had turned off his bodycam, still it caught the shooting, without evidence that he gave Hill any commands first

The audio only kicked in after he activated it once Hill was already on the ground

For 13 minutes afterwards, Coy paces the scene and is comforted by colleagues

He mutters ‘f**k’ under his breath at one point he sought permission and turned off his camera

Columbus Mayor Andrew J. Ginther said he was ‘very disturbed’ by what he had seen

Other police officers at the scene showed an utter lack of empathy for the victim and didn’t try to stop the bleeding or provide assistance for 13 minutes until the ambulance arrived

Hill was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead

Coy has been fired and the Ohio Bureau of Investigation is investigating the case

Body camera footage shows moments before shooting of Andre’ Hill by Columbus police officer : Andre Hill is seen walking toward the police officers with his cellphone in his left hand and his right hand in his pocket

Bodycam footage has emerged of Ohio police shooting an unarmed black man six seconds after he emerged from his friend’s garage with his hands up, holding a cell phone, on December 22.
Adam Coy, 44, a 17-year-veteran of the Columbus police department, early Tuesday morning, shot and killed Andre Maurice Hill.
Hill, 47, was at his friend’s home in Columbus, Ohio, in the early hours of Tuesday morning when a neighbor placed a non-emergency call about a suspicious vehicle in the street. 
They told the operator a man was outside Hills’ friend’s home in a car and that he was turning it on and off again repeatedly.  

City of Columbus, Ohio Tuesday released body camera video showing shooting of Andre’ Hill by officer Adam Coy

Cops arrived at his friends’ home at around 1.47am.
It’s unclear why, but he was in the garage and the garage door was open. 
Hill died less than an hour later at a Riverside Hospital at 2:25 a.m. 
There is no audio at the start of the bodycam footage because Adam Coy, the cop involved, did not turn his camera on until after he shot him which, according to the police, triggered a ‘look back’ feature on the camera that captures images, but not sound. 

Victim: Andre Hill [photo], was shot and killed in Columbus, on Tuesday, as he walked towards officer Adam Coy holding a cellphone in his hand, with both his hands visible 
The bodycam footage shows officer Coy arriving and approaching the garage. Six seconds after Hill comes into view, he is sho

The video was released on Wednesday after Adam Coy, the officer invoved in the shooting, was fired.
The victim’s family have now hired victim’s rights attorney Ben Crump, who lists the family’s of Trvon Martin and Breonna Taylor among his many notable clients.
Crump said in a statement that Hill is the 47th unarmed black man to be shot dead by cops in Columbus this year. 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Adam-Coy-5.jpg
Columbus cops respond after Andre Hill is shot dead by officer Adam Coy while emerging fron his friend’s garage on Dec 22, holding phone

As the incident unfolds, the bodycam footage shows Coy arriving and approaching the garage.
Six seconds after Hill comes into view, he is shot. 
He was shot as he walked towards Coy holding a cellphone in his hand, with both his hands visible. 
After pulling the trigger, Coy activated his camera which then activated the microphone. 
The sound starts with him yelling at Hill – who was lying motionless on the ground – ”Put your hands up to the f*****g side!’ 
He then repeated himself: ‘Hands up to the side now! Go onto your stomach now! ‘
Hill remains motionless on the ground.
The cop then screams at his colleague: ‘Don’t get f***** close, I can’t see what’s in his f***** hand!’
He then yells at Hill: ‘Get your hand out from under your stomach, now!’
The cop’s tone then softens.
‘We got a medic coming?’ he asks.

Andre Hill, his family said is the 47th black man to be killed by Columbus police this year

As he approaches Hill, who is still lying motionless on the ground, he yells: ‘Don’t move, dude!’ He then leans down, with his gun pointed at the back of Hill’s head.
Then, he says under his breath: ‘F**k’.
Grabbing at Hill, he shouts: ‘Roll over dude’ and turns him over.   
A woman can be heard in the background yelling: ‘He wasn’t doing nothing!’
Several seconds later she is heard yelling: ‘He didn’t do anything!’
Coy turns to an officer and says: ‘Get me support’.
No one goes to the ground to give him first aid. Instead, Coy walks away from him, on to the street, leaving him on the ground.
He coughs violently, spits and paces up and down the driveway.
What sounds like labored breathing can be heard but it’s unclear if it was Hill struggling for breath.
Another two cops are then filmed approaching Hill. ‘I need another person over here,’ one of them says.
The other says: ‘Let’s cuff him up’. 
Coy then goes to his car to retrieve a bottle of water while other officers stay with Hill.
By this point, it has been eight minutes since he shot Hill. 

Bodycam footage shows Andre Hill lying on the ground after being shot by police

About six seconds pass between the time Hill is visible in the video and when the officer Adam Coy fires his weapon in the early hours of Tuesday morning in the city’s northwest side.
There is no audio because officer Adam Coy hadn’t activated the body camera; an automatic ‘look back’ feature captured the shooting without audio.
It’s unclear if Hill is in an ambulance or if one is even on the scene.
Hill gets into his patrol car, gets his bottle of water. More cops arrive on the scene. He is heard asking: ‘We got any bosses here?’
One says he’ll call the sergeant to ask if something – what he says is inaudible – ‘can be shut off right now’. Coy replied: ‘Yeah, that’d be nice’.
Coy then reaches into his car to grab his hat while the other cop is on the phone the sergeant. The sergeant tells him he’ll phone back.
The other cop then says to Coy: ‘Hey, you don’t want to stand down here, all these flashing lights and what not. We’ll just go down this road if you want man, I know you’re kinda…’
Coy says: ‘I just want…’
The other cop, who appears to have been called to support him and stay with him, says: ‘What do you want?’
Coy replies: ‘Let’s just walk over there.’
The cop says: ‘OK. If that’s what you wanna do man, I’m just here.’

Bodycam footage shows Andre Hill lying on the ground after being shot by police

The pair start walking away from the scene. Coy can be heard breathing deeply. A sergeant finally arrives and Coy asks: ‘Hey, Serg… one more time, I can shut this off?’
He then takes off the bodycam and the recording ends after 13 minutes and 19 seconds. 
Coy was fired after police reviewed the footage but he has not faced any charges. 
Attorney General Dave Yost on Wednesday promised a ‘complete, independent and expert investigation’ of the shooting. 
The state Bureau of Criminal Investigation, which falls under the attorney general’s office, conducts probes of Columbus police shootings under an arrangement with the city.
‘What we have now is an incomplete record. We must allow the record to be completed and the evidence to be gathered,’ Yost said. ‘Only the truth – the whole truth and nothing else – will result in justice.’
The U.S. attorney’s office in Columbus has agreed to review the case for possible federal civil rights violations once the state completes its investigation. 
On Wednesday, Columbus Mayor Andrew J. Ginther said he was ‘very disturbed’ by what he had seen.  

The crime scene where Andre Hill was shot dead by the Ohio police officer

“I am also very disturbed about what I don’t see next in the body-worn camera footage,” Ginther said.
“From what we can see, none of the officers initially at the scene provide medical assistance to Mr. Hill. No compression on the wounds to stop the bleeding.
“No attempts at CPR.
“Not even a hand on the shoulder and an encouraging word that medics were en route.”
Ginther said that Hill was known to the residents of the house where he was shot and an “expected guest.”
The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation is leading the inquiry. U.S. Attorney David DeVillers said his office also will review if any federal civil rights laws were violated.
Police Chief Thomas Quinlan described the fatal shooting as ‘a tragedy on many levels’ and promised to ‘provide as much transparency as possible’. 
‘Our community deserves the facts. If evidence determines that laws or policies were violated, officers will be held accountable,’ he said in a statement.  
Coy is a 17-year veteran of the force but he’s had more than 36 complaints made against him including a dozen alleging excessive use of force. The city has not released any more details about those complaints.
According to The Columbus Dispatch, one involved him banging a man’s head against the hood of a car during a drunk driving arrest. 
The city paid the man $45,000 and Coy was suspended for 160 hours.  
Coy has now been relieved of duty, ordered to turn in his gun and badge, and stripped of police powers pending the outcome of investigations. By union contract, the officer will still be paid. 

The shooting comes less than three weeks after another black man, Casey Goodson, Jr., was shot dead by a police officer in Columbus

Columbus police officers responded to a noise complaint from a neighbor in the 1000 block of Oberlin Drive in northwest Columbus at 1:37 a.m. Tuesday morning.
The neighbor had reported a man sitting in an SUV repeatedly turning the car on and off. Two officers arrived on the scene to find a garage door open and a man inside, authorities said.
The shooting comes less than three weeks after another black man, Casey Goodson, Jr., was shot dead by a police officer in Columbus.
Franklin County Sheriff’s Deputy Jason Meade opened fire as the black man was reportedly returning home from a dentist’s appointment carrying Subway sandwiches for his family.

Columbus Mayor Andrew J. Ginther pauses [photo], while speaking during a press conference regarding the fatal police shooting of Andre Hill, Wednesday said he was disturbed by police lack of empathy and compassion

The 23-year-old’s death sparked protests across Ohio and renewed nationwide calls for an end to systemic racism and police brutality in the wake of a string of deaths of black people in police custody this year.   
US Marshal Peter Tobin says Goodson drove down the street waving a gun and that when Meade confronted him, it resulted in the shooting.  
But Goodson’s family say he was ‘murdered in cold blood’ when he was returning home from the dentist’s office with Subway sandwiches for himself, his five-year-old brother and his grandmother.
They say he would never have waved a gun and was legally allowed to carry a gun as he had a concealed carry permit and Ohio is an open carry state. 
Again, there is no bodycam footage from the shooting of Goodson. 

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