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New York man, 45, with previous homicide conviction arrested in stabbing death of ‘good Samaritan’ who tried to stop vicious robbery on Brooklyn street

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Arrest made in stabbing death of a man who tried to break up a knife fight during a robbery on a street in Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn man who served 10 years in prison for manslaughter was arrested on Sunday, in the fatal stabbing of a man outside a Brooklyn gambling den on Sunday night

William Smith, 45, is facing charges of murder, robbery, and three counts of assault

He is accused of stabbing Yong Zheng, 46, with a screwdriver as the latter came to the rescue of the victim in a robbery that had escalated to a knife fight

Smith was arrested Sunday after police tracked his car, which was apparently caught on camera fleeing the scene

The suspect has a list of deadly priors, including a 1996 conviction for manslaughter

William Smith is facing charges of murder, robbery, and three counts of assault in the fatal stabbing of Yong Zheng, [photo]

The 45-year-old man arrested is expected to be officially charged in the fatal stabbing, and stabbing attack on three other men .
The suspect, an ex-con jailed for manslaughter 25 years ago was arrested Sunday in connection to the fatal stabbing of a good Samaritan who was trying to break up a knife fight outside a Brooklyn gambling den, police said Monday. 
William Smith was arrested at 6:45 p.m. Sunday in connection to the death of Yong Zheng on Friday night.
Zheng, 46, was celebrating the lantern festival with some friends in Sunset Park.
They were walking past the basement hot spot at 57th Street and Seventh Avenue in Sunset Park police said, when they spotted a vicious brawl as an Asian man being attacked and robbed.
Zheng went to help the victim and stop the brawl.

Pool of blood on the street at the spot in Brooklyn on Sunday, where William Smith fatally stabbed Yong Zheng during a robbery

By the end of the vicious fight four men were stabbed, including Zheng, who did not survive.
Three other men, 39, 42, and 49, who were also at the gambling den, were also stabbed as Smith and at least three others robbed the underground establishment, cops said. 
According to police sources, a total of six people were injured, four were treated at an area hospital while two others were treated at the scene and released.

William Smith [standing next to the bicycle], is caught on surveillance camera stabbing the victim
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The other victims flee as he approaches with his screwdriver, before he turns and flees the scene himself

Some of those injured, including Zheng had been innocent bystanders who were among a group of men and women on their way home from a Chinese Lunar New Year dinner.
Smith was arrested Sunday after police tracked his car, which was apparently caught on camera fleeing the scene. He was charged with murder, robbery and three counts of assault, police said. 
He is set to be arraigned later Monday.
His vicious history of felonies includea being arrested for murder back in 1996. Ultimately he was convicted of manslaughter and criminal possession of a weapon.
He was sentenced to 5-to-15 years behind bars, but ten years into his sentence in 2006, he was conditionally released on parole, the records show.
He has four other arrests, including at least one for weapons possession, driving while intoxicated in 2010, and drugs sales in 2007.

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