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‘Brave’ 15 year-old girl grabs attacker’s gun while he was raping her, and shoots him dead with his own weapon

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15-year-old girl was raped and subsequently killed her rapist with his own gun on March 6, in Wedela, West Rand, SA

The assailant walked in and abducted teen and her male friend from their home around 10pm He walked both into the bush at gunpoint tied the boy up, undressed himself and the girl

Frustrated as he could not penetrate the girl because she ‘too small’, he tried to get her friend to rape and ‘loosen, her up for him

The boy could not do that, so he set her male companion free

Forcing himself on her again, he dropped his gun

As he dropped his guard, the victim grabbed the weapon and shot her attacker in the head with his own gun

Body of man shot dead by 15 year-old victim he forced in the bush and raped in Wadela in Gauteg, SA on the evening of March 6

Police in Gauteng, South Africa are calling a teen girl ‘brave’ after she fought off a rapist, wrestled his gun away and shot him in the head on, last week.
The 15 year-old girl shot dead the man who was raping her in Wedela, West Rand around 10 pm on on Saturday March 6.
The victim had been abducted at gunpoint, from her home and taken her into the woods by her assailant.
“The young girl who had been forced into the bush at gun point by the suspect was ordered to undress. The man also undressed and proceeded to rape her,” a police spokesperson explained.
Authorities in Gauteng said the 15-year-old “girl and her young male friend were at home, when the suspect walked in, threatened them with his firearm and forced both into the bush.”

The spot where a 15-year-old girl was raped and subsequently killed her rapist with his own gun on March 6, in Wedela, West Rand.

According to Captain Eddie Boboko, the spokesperson for the SAPS in the district, “[The rapist] tied the young boy up and told the girl to undress.
“He then proceeded to rape her but said that her vagina was too small.”
The suspect next asked the girl how old she is since she is so small.
He then did the ‘unthinkable’ Capt. Boboko, said. He untied the boy and ordered him to rape his friend, threatening to kill him if he didn’t.
“He wanted the boy to ‘loosen’ the girl’s private part so he could penetrate more easily,” Capt. Boboko explains.
The boy did as he was told with a firearm pointed at him, but was not aroused in any way and could not quite carry out the rapist’s requests despite “trying”.
The rapist then told the boy to leave and the boy fled, traumatised as well.
Thereafter the suspect dropped his gun, again forced himself on the girl.
While he was struggling to have his way, the victim saw the opportunity, managed to get hold of his firearm and shot him in the head and he died at the scene.
The victim’s relatives told local paper, The Merafong Observer, that the teen was severely traumatised by the ordeal and was still in hospital.
“When you call and ask how she is doing, she just says she is fine and then drops the phone,” disclosed a close family member.
“The firearm was not recovered either,” police said, because “Unfortunately the incident was only reported to the SAPS [until] the following morning, and at that point someone had gone to the scene and taken the firearm.”
The deceased rapist has not been unidentified.

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