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Female assassin shoots single mom, 42, who was shot dead execution-style on Brooklyn street after they both attended a funeral – Victim’s family recognized shooter, ‘a family friend’, from surveillance footage

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Woman shot dead execution-style on Brooklyn street by female assassin after they both attended a funeral

Surveillance video of the shooting shows a the assailant, casually walking up to the victim and shooting her dead, before walking away and getting into a double parked white sedan

The victim allegedly, was lured to her death with a phone call, and that her murderer was a “family friend” who they recognized from footage released by police

The shooting took place Tuesday at around 9.40pm on Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn

Police identified the victim as 42-year-old Delia Johnson, and she was taken to a hospital where she was pronounced dead

Surveillance video caught the moment a female assassin [left] raised a gun and shot Delia Johnson [right] in the head on a Brooklyn sidewalk as Johnson, was speaking on the phone standing with a group on a stoop in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY on Tuesday night

Family members of a Brooklyn mother who was seen in a shocking surveillance video this week being casually assassinated on a Brooklyn street say the cold-blooded execution took place shortly after both the victim and her killer attended the same funeral in the neighborhood on Tuesday.
Delia Johnson, 42, was talking to a group of people on the corner of Franklin Avenue and Prospect Place in Crown Heights at around 9.40pm on August 3, when a blonde woman dressed in all black ambled up to her from behind and shot her from a point-blank range in the back of the head.
Surveillance video that was released by the police on Thursday shows the gunwoman fire several more times, hitting Johnson in the leg as bystanders run and duck for cover.

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Shocking video shows the female assassin raising a gun to a woman on a Brooklyn sidewalk and shooting her dead. The victim, Delia Johnson, was speaking to a group on a stoop in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, when she was shot in the head

Family members have volunteered that the shooter is a ‘family friend’. The victim they said, was lured to her death with a phone call, and that her murderer was a “family friend” they recognized from the footage.
Police released two zoomed-in photos of the suspected killer Friday — and family members said they recognize her from the snapshot showing the woman’s face.
“I know her!” exclaimed Delia’s mother, Delia Barry. “Oh my God, oh my God, she used to stay with us. She slept in my bed, ate my food.” NY Post reports.
Delia was talking on the phone on a crowded Prospect Heights street Tuesday around 9:40 p.m. when an assailant with a purse walked up to her and shot her in the head at close range, before nonchalantly walking back to a double-parked SUV and driving away.
The victim collapsed to the ground in front of horrified onlookers as her killer calmly made her way toward a parked white car, got in the driver’s seat and left from the scene.
The victim’s brother Mathis Johnson, told the New York Daily News that his sister had attended a funeral for an old friend earlier that day.

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Delia Johnson, 42, [L-R], was shot and killed on a Brooklyn street after attending a funeral for a friend. She was raising a 17-year-old daughter as a single mom

The service drew hundreds of mourners, among then the suspected killer, according to Mathis, who said he did not know the black-clad woman with long blonde hair but saw her in the crowd at the Sealy Culyer Funeral Home. Delia’s family members said she was an entrepreneur who was raising her 17-year-old daughter as a single mother. They described the victim as vivacious and generous.
Police have not released a motive behind the deadly attack, but Delia’s sister, Cordelia Berry, speculated that she might have been killed out of envy: ‘She had her own business. She was an entrepreneur – fashion was her passion,’ Cordelia said.
‘When you succeed in life that way, people are jealous.’
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Footage shows the brazen killer, her purse slung over her shoulder, walk up behind Johnson fire before casually walking to a nearby getaway vehicle as her victim lay dead on the sidewalk 
Footage shows the assassin raise her gun and calmly shoot Johnson at close range, shooting again as she lay on the ground. Family members said assassin was at a funeral earlier with the victim, and must have followed her

NYPD released the video of the shooting in hopes of generating leads, but as of Friday afternoon, no arrests have been made.
This is not the only instance of a female fatally shooting another woman execution-style in the homicide ridden city, in recent times. Back in April, 51-year-old Nichelle Thomas was fatally shot in the back of the head from a point-blank range as she approached a bodega in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn. 
Police later arrested Thomas’ on-again, off-again girlfriend, 38-year-old Latisha Bell, charging her with second-degree murder.

Delia Johnson lays dead on the sidewalk after onlookers scattered for shelter when the shots were fired.  Her assassin is shown getting into a getaway car 

NYPD  issued an image of the female shooter, who was described her as ‘a dark-skinned adult female, approximately in her mid 20’s, heavy build, long blond hair and was last seen wearing black long sleeve shirt, black tights, silver belt around her waist, black and white sneakers, white purse.’
It is unknown why the shooter, who is known to some family members at least, targeted Delia Johnson.

Police issued an image of the female shooter, who was described her as ‘a dark-skinned adult female, approximately in her mid 20’s, heavy build, long blond hair
No-drama killer: After shooting Johnson multiple times, the blonde suspect calmly returned to a parked car. Witnesses saw her getting into the driver’s seat and speeding away from the scene
NYPD investigate at the stoop in Crown Heights where Delia Johnson was talking to a group of people before a female assassin shot her dead 
Delia Johnson a single mom, is survived by her daughter Chi Chi Johnson-Jenkins

The killer, a blond woman wearing a black top and black leggings, lifted her gun and shot Johnson in the head, then fired at her again as she hit the ground.
The violence sent bystanders fleeing for their lives. One man recoiled in horror near a parked, car, while the people Johnson were speaking to toppled backward on the stoop in front of her, NY Daily News reports.
The killer then walked back to a white, double-parked sedan, got in the driver’s seat and drove off.

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